Cleric advocates true federalism

Archbishop of Christ Church of Cherubim and Seraphim Nigeria and Overseas,
Rt. Rev Gabriel Adereyinwo has advocated for true federalism, just as over
500 clergies were ordained bishops, senior apostles and many more, reports
Bose Adelaja.

Adereyinwo said the current resources allocation formula tilts unjustifiably in
favour of the centre which is giving rise to corruption, ineptitude and under-
develop-ment of the constituent states. According to him, corruption is
thriving because there is too much concentration of power and money at the
center, encouraging stealing and wastages.

In his words: “The present arrangement encourages corruption, if we revert to
true federalism, that is, a balanced federal structure which recognises the
legitimate claims of all units where no single entity among the federating
units will be strong or powerful enough to hold the others to ransom, there
will be less stealing and it will bring rapid development.

“I therefore agree with the Yoruba leaders that called for restructuring
adoption of regional structure. But my advice is that regional structures
should be accorded constitutional recognition,” he noted, adding “more
powers should be taken from the centre to the federating units.”

Earlier, the Deputy Archbishop of the Church, Rt Rev Ebenezer Alaba called on
religious leaders to always speak the truth and accord high priority to

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