One of my major problems with people will always be, helping people and expecting a direct or physical rewards.

If a man is fighting a good cause and you are pretty sure he is, support him and through that build up yourself, for that alone is more than money!

Expect nothing from anybody for you not be disappointed! Just begin to be ashamed on behalf of many folks!

To our politicians and to many prominents people in our society, stop giving us temporary gift and fish! rather, teach us how to fish -Give us job, we need it!

And to many who has taken their destiny into their hands I SAY THANK YOU at least for encouraging people like me.

Hence, the need for handiwork which people of sound minds and eager to impact lives has considered to be the solution to our major problem and are fully in it to make sure they serves as mentor to many.

Therefore, JEWEL VOCATIONAL TRAINING ( Treat P Priceless Jewel ) has on her own organized skills acquisition program for the benefit of all. Expect more SPONSORED CANDIDATES this year. Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend!

Criticise politicians and the likes for not doing the needful and not because they refused to give you fish henceforth.

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