14-year-old Tanzanian girl suffers horrific burns in an accident

Haraima, a 14 year old girl who lives in one of the poorest villages in Tanzania
suffered horrific burns in an accident two years ago.

According to Facebook user, who shared her photo, her family couldn't afford
any treatment. Her father is dead and her mother abandoned her, she lives
with her 70 year old grandmother.

"I am working with Water For Africa to help find a solution to Haraima's
suffering. We need to find a not for profit organisation, hospital or doctor that
can help restore this beautiful young women's life. There is a risk that her
condition will get worse as she continues to mature as the skin on her neck
cannot stretch. I never ask but if this touches you could I please ask that you
share the post, there is someone out there that make a difference to Haraima."

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