14-yr-old hawker paases out after drinking alcohol

By Emma Una

CALABAR— THERE was pandemonium, yesterday, around the UJ Esuene
Sports Stadium, Calabar, Cross River State, after a 14-year-old girl passed
out after drinking six sachets of an alcoholic drink (name withheld).
It took some good-spirited Nigerians over an hour to resuscitate the girl
identified as Mercy from Ini in Akwa Ibom State.

The girl was said to have dropped the bucket containing the snacks she was
selling, fell by the roadside opposite the stadium and became unconscious.
This prompted good Samaritans to rush to her aid, thinking she was sick and
started to fan and pour cold water on her. This eventually brought her back
to consciousness.

However, when she was given water and food, she suddenly began to vomit
white substances mixed with the rice.
The vomit had an acrid alcohol stench.


When asked what was wrong with her, she said in a barely audible voice that
she bought and drank six sachets of an alcoholic beverage.
After taking some water, she began to gesture for more of the said beverage
drink to be given to her. This angered some of the people who bought her
food and water.

“If I knew it was alcohol that made her unconscious, I would not have wasted
my money which I would have used for better things,” One of them said.
When no alcohol was given to her, she went into a deep sleep and the crowd
thinned out. After about an hour, she woke up, picked her bucket of snacks
and went her way.

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