The mother of all queens(yeye Oge) has and will always be an extoller to any organization or individual who has distinguished herself for the betterment of our community(Okunland).

Yeye Oge of Okunland with joy in her heart and happiness from the heart of her hearts, thanks the general public and the good people of Okunland for their cooperation that leads to the success of this election and for the peaceful atmosphere which was provided by Okun Development Association(ODA) before,during and after the memorable election.

Barr. Femi Mokikan has been the eyes of many in major areas of life which I believe has strongly made him "the man" our believe is, to whom much is given much more is expected.

The entire community of okunland gave and showed you our oneness; work on this and give us back in double folds

We have showned the world that we are the master of our own house; preach this to the world through your style of leadership.

Moreover, we have made the world known that we can truly get things right; one of the major reasons you are elected as  president of this important and all in one body; Prove US right.

Your victory is our victory sir. We strongly believe that you can truly represent us well. Keep showcasing our culture to the world.

And to all the contestants, you are not and can't be a loser here, simply because the victory of Okunland is yours and our victory.

Big congratulations to Barr. Femi Mokikan; the newly elected president of ODA(Okun Development Association) and the good people of Okunland.

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