Her Parent Thought I Was Coming For Money Rituals.

Stanley Onuajah wrote on his Facebook wall

And finally before I retire tonight, I went for a wedding of a completely crippled lady today...

And so a friend told me about this big and fine man getting married to this crippled lady.

According to him, the parents of the lady thought he was coming to do money rituals with their daughter, that nothing on earth could have made this man marry their daughter.

The young man confessed that God had told him to marry her hence his determination.

Ladies and gentlemen as aproko wey I be, I decided to grace this occasion very late after the day's hustle, not necessarily to eat but simply to witness for myself.

See, ayam so happy. There is nothing God cannot do.

As human, nothing on earth will ever make you believe this lady could get married, not just that but a correct and handsome guy��

You don't know how happy I am now, why? Because God uses such to prove his existence and power. May his name alone be lifted.

Jisi nu ike.

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