Hours After Nigerian Woman Married Her UK Based Husband And Posted The Pics On Fb British Lady Releases Evidence Of Her Legal Marriage To Him

Ghen ghen, another marriage saga, Women o, biko
scrutinise any man before you rush and say I do… And be
sure of what you’re accepting to avoid public
embarrasment and international scandals!!!

Last night the story of one Mr. something something kufre
Ukpong who is legally married to an oyibo woman yet
came down to Nigeria to take another wife kinda went

I noticed that most people who have reacted to the story so
far are bashing the man for stringing the Abak girl blindly
along and how the girl and her family did not do proper
investigation… blah, blah, blah. After reading the story
from people’s timeline last night, the curious part of me
came alive, I quickly put on my FBI cap and sprung into
action. So this is what I personally gathered from the
whole saga:

The Nigerian girl may have known about the guy’s marital
status, she knew the Ukpong guy has a child, guess she also
knew the oyibo woman was nothing more than a trophy
wife. So this was the plot, I think; the man marries this
Miss Gill, acquires American or Uk Citizenship, dumps the
cougar’s sorry ass, comes back home to Nigeria, marries
his true love, takes her with him to Obodo Oyibo and
they’ll live happily ever after.

Who no wan go Obodo Oyibo?
I hear the land is ever green and frosh over there. Who no
like better things kwa? That aside, we know say husbands
no too too dey this Akwa Ibom, na boyfriends full ground.
So I don’t blame the sister all that mbok, she cannod come
and dull let this golden opportunity to change surname
and bear Mrs and go Obodo Oyibo pass her by.

Unfortunately the plot did not quite go down as planned,
what is a story without conflicts, suspense, and plot twists
anyways? Just when the newly wedded thought they’ve
made it, the Antagonist (Mrs Gill) shows up like a Pro’…
Lol. You know when you’re watching a movie, after plenty
plenty suspense the Actor finally kills the Boss, the Actor’s
love interest alights from an helicopter with tears of
victory in her eyes, runs towards the Hero in slow motion
and covers his bloodstained mouth with her luscious lips.
As they’re busy kissing, everyone thinks the movie has
finally come to an end, uwafid happy ending. Instead of
sha seeing “To God be the Glory” as expected, a gunshot is
fired from somewhere. Gheng Gheng!!! Anticlimax things,
the Boss didn’t die…

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