The Nigeria Union of Journalists is extremely alarmed by more revelations in the media that the sum of £6 million Pension Funds has been traced to a United Kingdom bank account being managed by the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation. Indeed, such mind boggling-revelations call for urgent and incisive measures by the Federal Government in order to re-assure Nigerians that the Government is serious about fighting corruption.

We are also worried that only the name of the former Chairman of the Presidential Taskforce on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina is being mentioned in official circles in what appears to be one of the most notorious acts of diversion of public funds in recent times. We wish to unambiguously say that Abdulrasheed Maina alone couldn’t have successfully undertaken such a systematic misappropriation of huge sums of Pension Funds. He must have been instigated, sustained and protected by powerful individuals in Government and the financial sector. This must be the team work of a well-organized syndicate.

We call on the Nigerian Media that have done so well in exposing corruption in the country despite all forms of threats and intimidation not to relent until all those involved in the scam are brought to justice. We equally urge the Federal Government not to succumb to any attempt to cover up this unpardonable wrongdoing, especially now that it appears some powerful persons involved are using deception to deflect guilt.

It is regrettable that thousands of Pensioners have died without benefiting from their entitlements while millions of others are suffering unduly because a few Fat Cats have misappropriated funds meant for these Retirees. This is the time for this Government to get it right or never.

Shuaibu Usman Leman
Walin Shadalafiya
National Secretary

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