Olu Majek congratulates Barr. Femi Mokikan.



Once in a while, we see a contest so close, a contest so keenly contested with the best of intentions. Elder Jimmy Olumudi came into the race with lot of vigour and passion. He addressed the electorates at the venue of election and he poured his passion into his speech. His competence, links and readiness to serve his people are without any doubt. For many of us, Elder Jimmy Olumudi is equally a winner in the just concluded ODA election and we honour his wisdom, dedication and love for Okun land.

For the greater percentage of the people, Barr. Femi Mokikan is in a league of his own, an icon and a hero. This was made obvious during the electioneering and the electorates responded by giving him a task that must be seen as a big challenge. The unity and well being of Okun Nation now hinge on his shoulders. In a way, he has also been given the responsibility to hold our representatives accountable to the people. These are responsibilities he cannot accomplish alone.

As a mark of our togetherness, we will make ourselves available to offer all the supports necessary for his success.

Congratulations to Okun People for a successful election. It's time to take Okun Nation to a new developmental height. May God take us there. Amen.

Olu Majek.

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