Senator Olujimi ask for an Act to make it an offence for vacant positions in the Federal civil service to be filled without being advertised

By Gideon Ayodele

The Deputy minority whip of the Nigerian Senate, Distinguished Senator Biodun Christine Olujimi today in a Bill sponsored by her have asked for an Act to make it an offence for vacant positions in the Federal Civil Service to be filled without their being advertised and for other matters connected therewith.
She asked that as from the commencement of the said act, it shall be an offence for any federal Government ministry, agency or parastatal to fill a vacancy in their establishment unless such vacancies are placed on their notice board for three months before the commencement of the recruitment exercise.
She equally asked that such vacancies and the positions with the requirements are sent to the federal Civil Service Commission immediately upon the existence of such vacancies for appropriate action.
She stated that it shall be the responsibility of the heads of Federal Ministries, Agencies or paragraphs, to ensure compliance to  the act and that whoever violates the provision of the act commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000) or to imprisonment for a term of not more than Two years or to both.
Other conditions stated for the filling of such vacancies include: upon the receipt of information of the vacancies, on a monthly basis, publish in two national newspapers and one local newspaper in each states of the federation the vacancies.
Such vacancies should as well be placed on the notice board of the headquarters of every local government areas of the federation.
This Bill therefore seek to promote integrity and transparency in the recruitment of personnel into the federal Civil Service by making it an offence for a Federal Ministry, agency or paracetamol to fill existing vacancies in their organisation if such vacancies have not been published.

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