The Stomach is Smarter than the Brain

By King-Alfred Meseko

A Kirgizstan philosopher said “the stomach is smarter than the brain”. He gave the reasons for his conclusion. The stomach has the ability to reject what it doesn’t want. Nothing can be imposed on it consciously or otherwise. If you take something that is bad for your stomach, the stomach reacts and you purge. Even when what is taken is a combination of good and undesired the stomach takes the good part of it, absorbs it to the system and let go the unwanted parts in the form of excreta. Compare this act of ingenuity with the brain, it swallows everything, the good the bad and the ugly. I imagine somebody say what about the food accepted by our body but causes illness? That is true, but your body also accept pills that can neutralize their negative effect, but no pills exist that can counter the damage of what is swallowed by the brain.

As humans, we build our value systems on what we feed our brains. Your credence, ambitions, wants and actions are shaped to a large extent by what you are exposed to. People often aim to be like somebody they have heard or read about. The act of brainwashing which I also like to call character programming is real and all human beings are subject to these forces, the difference is what we are exposed to. Religious radicals are products of teachings and the mentorships they are exposed to, in the same manner people who are seen to be well cultured, civil and circumspect are individuals who have gained from the exposure to the positive sides of life. The most striking thing in this school of thought is that you have no control on what goes inside your mental thought process and how these input shapes your value system and determines who you are by its expressions.

We however have the privilege to choose what we expose our brain to, and how we could aid the influence of people who are under our guidance or tutelage. Which kind of environment will you like to raise your kids? Who are your mentors? What kind of movies do you watch? Who are your favorite musicians? How close is your TV remote control when you are watching TV? Are you exposed to only a single or a few channels of information? Answers to these questions and their analysis lies adjustment you need to make so that you do not fall victim of the weakness of your brain.

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