They said the local champions was placed where they belong, no problem! The only problem here and the reason why Local Champions Has Decided To Strike is because of kelechi who has been surviving on tax payers money that has not only see the poor people has illiterates, but has also choosed to cross the Kogi State Red Line and  Mr. Odaudu Joel Minister, that's ministering hate and demeaning the youths of and in Kogi state as a result of his careless carelessness talks and bitter response to a gentle man's question.
Before we start the python dance at your individual doors, come out and apologize and we shall not be taken an apology that is written on tussle paper, and if you refuse, expect crocodile smile operation in addition.
Kogi state youth has so far done well and more than enough to be respected before his own people and all importantly before an imported China products that I believe will not last long.
To respond partially to my brother Kogi Rebel, on your post about fighting the fight of prime or somebody not having his own stand. The truth of the matter is that, Prime is capable of fighting his own fight simply because I know what he can do. This fight is not prime's fight rather a fight for kogites. Let the collaboration between prime and Okoro latter becomes the kind of collaborations between corruption and some politicians in Nigeria or like GYB and Mr. Onaja; that can never be a problem to me.
Coming out to defend her is acceptable simple because you are one of the influencers, good for you and I am very much happy for you too as well, for at least, our own was included. What you refused to talk about is if this lady is wrong or right.
Don't make the biggest mistake; THE GREATEST MISTAKE IS TO THINK I'M JEALOUS.
Situation like this i pray will not repeat itself again: it has done more malign, taking away the spirit of oneness and a minus to our togetherness.

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