It's a known fact that if as a community, we don't write our own stories ourself, others  will lay their hands on it, bastardise it and present the "cloaked" us to the world.

It's on this cornerstone, that the need to hear us through us is inevitable.    The number one means we can be heard by the world at large is through mass medium E. G Radio stations etc.

High time we have for ourselves at least one strong and powerful radio station where the real us will be known, our voice can be heard and us, hearing ourselves.

This is a clarion call to the local government areas, our  politicians in general and the amazing citizens of Okunland to come out for our rescue in this vital area of our life.

Let the plan begins; its those not matter if it will happen today or tomorrow, but let us begin, for I strongly believe within me that we can never be ready if we don't start and the best time to start is now!

                  - OKUN'S VOICE TEAM

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