Nigerian lady, Opeyemi Gold took to Facebook to share a post about sex
before marriage and how it puts ”girlfriends, runsgirls, oloshos in the same
category as they are all fornicators”. She however, noted that if she were a
man, she wouldn’t marry a virgin neither would she walk a ‘Garbage’ down
the altar.” Read below…
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“In as much as I’m not innocent of the act, I still wouldn’t hesitate to
admit that sex between two unmarried people all in the name of being
in a relationship still remains the number one thing I detest the most.
For how long are we gon be fooling ourselves..? Ehn? For how long?
Like do you have any idea about how many guys some girls date and
have series and countless number of sex with before they eventually
get married? Do you?

It’s just so bizarre. Of course it’s not the same with all girls but the
majority are guilty. No one’s a saint but at least apply decency. The
truth is, guys gossip too and sometimes it’s
about girls.

Quite frankly I do not mean to disrespect anyone but I see no
difference between a so called “Girlfriend” and a so called “Runs girl”
as you may call it. The two of them have sex with a guy and directly
or indirectly collects money from the guy.

What? You want to say what? That it’s different? That feelings is
involved in the other one? You’re mad! And if you dare open that
mouth ehn, thunder will fire you. I’m telling you the bitter truth and you
want to open your mouth and say rubbish. You wouldn’t even dare.

Girlfriend o, runs girl o, Hore o, Olosho o, all of them are fornicators
and therefore are in the same category. If you’re a virgin u’re excluded.
If you’ve only had sex with one or two guys or even three at most then
you also can be excluded. But u see the rest of u ehn.. Hmmmm.
For una left mind, in case you didn’t know some girls have slept with
just one guy but just that one guy has done with them what 5guys
wouldn’t even do with another girl. So, don’t be deceived. The point is,
be body cautious. My sister, it’s your body, don’t let any oloriburuku
come and over use it for u. You’re not a machine, everything has its
limits and too much of anything at all has its consequences.

guys are wicked o.. Forget all those coded antics. All the “I love you”
taar.. He just wants to Bleep you ni o. And because he stays you feel
it’s love, Chai! You’ve been robbed. You’re sweet na, so why won’t he
stay? It means nothing my dear. Get busy.. Don’t give all your time to
one werey that is ready to bang ur bright future outta your body and
turn u into and old version.

You better take it easy. You’ll get married someday for crying out loud.
That dude will pay your bride price. What would you be selling to him
then..? Will it be worth the money..? Don’t let anyone deceive you
ehn… Karma is a bleeping bitch. It will hunt you I swear.

truth is, I do not have intentions of getting married to a virgin but I’d
never walk a “Garbage” down the alter. I’d never take such home to my
beloved mom. I know this post is going to spark fire and some would
definitely throw shades at me.

Feel free, it’s my data, my phone, and my account as well. I can post
whatever and you can as well. I’m not even done talking yet but I’ll
stop here for now.

Ponder on this and change your ways… That life doesn’t pay. It’s
vanity, I tell you. And it also makes one lose self esteem and
confidence. Turn a new leaf today my dear… Limit the dick intakes.
Pity your future husband. Don’t turn that small town to an express
road. I’m begging you now .. Don’t come begging later o. You’ve been

#Issorite! I yaff talk my own..

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