The Okun Development Association wishes to felicitate with the  members of the Kabba Development Union, the entire Owe sons and daughters on the very successful outing at this years Kabba Day held on the 4th of November 2017. A lot of work, sleepless nights, travelings, fasting etc. must have gone into it.
The Kabba Day of 2017 would have gone down in history as reference for other communities but for some irritants that attempted unsuccessfully to mar what was by all standard a beautiful outing.

ODA is, to say the least, displeased and seriously worried at the incursion of imported hoodlums and their heinous attempt  at deliberately provoking the good people of Kabba, and by extension, Okun, into violence, thus throwing spanner into the works of the organisers of the program and very crudely  halting, albeit temporarily, the happiness the occasion had brought. This is distasteful, dangerous and must be condemned by all right thinking people.

We join our good people of Kabba and on behalf of all Okun people express our deep regrets to all the dignitaries and invited guests, particularly His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, through his representatives, for the discomfort and inconveniences occasioned by the short-lived interruption.

We commend the very admirable composure of Kabba people in particular and Okun people in general, in the face of such an unwarranted provocation.
Okunland and indeed Okun people are  very peaceful and  law abiding. Our non-violent disposition is never out of fear or cowardice but borne out of the belief that it is in a peaceful and violent free environment that development can percolate down to our teeming masses from the Government.

Towards this goal, ODA is prepared and will explore all possible ways to work with all appropriate stakeholders, including the state government, elected and appointed office holders, traditional rulers, opinion and community leaders to resolve the lingering disharmony that has so far brought no one any good.

To borrow a thought from Bill Clinton, there is nothing wrong in Kogi state that cannot be made right by what is right in Kogi state.
For the sake of our children and those yet unborn, let us all put Kogi first.
Thank you.

*Femi Mokikan*
_National President_
_Okun Development Association_

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