The promise of 20 million Naira by Yahaya Bello turn Elder’s to liars.

In an email response to PREMIUM TIMES, the Senator however denied being asked not to show up at the event.
Giving an account of a “warm welcome” he received, he challenged Governor Bello to explain why he “ran away” from venue of the occasion.

“Nobody asked me not to come and nobody could have stopped me from coming,” he replied to an enquiry by PREMIUM TIMES on Friday. “The governor was embarrassed but his political appointees have always lied to him that I’m not on ground and everybody is for him.”
Dino Melaye poses for a snapshot
He added that the National President and organiser of the Kabba Day celebration flew from Lagos to Abuja to personally invite him for the event and decorated him as an ambassador same day.

“The triumphant entry and total acceptability that I got when I entered Kabba obviously got the governor and his appointees taking cover and couldn’t approach the venue where I had a fill day. The entire crowd cheered me all through till the point I drove out of the stadium.

“About 5 hired Ebira thugs were throwing stones at my convoy, the people caught them and gave them community beating before handling them to the police. The governor should explain why he ran away after getting to Kabba all the way from Lokoja. No one can stop the people’s revolt.”
The senator noted that he will continue to contend with the governor until he heeds to the cries of the workers.

“I have pictorial evidence and video. Please ask them for evidence of their lies. The governor is simply the most unpopular governor in Nigeria for stealing the salaries and pension of workers. The battle to make him responsible and pay workers is a battle of no retreat no surrender. If I die I die. But I will never keep quiet in the face of deliberate wickedness.”

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