Why I slept with my fatherand Now am jealous of myMUM. I Still want to do itagain

My name is Nikky from New York, United States of
America. I have a really big problem am addicted to
$ex with my biological dad.
I have tried having $ex with other men but it is just
impossible dad is the best. It all started when I was
17 years old and my mother had left me under the
care of my father for a whole weekend.
I used to hear my mother scream in bed while my
father had $ex with her and I was always curious
what really
He was so lovin happened. On that night my father
claimed he was lonely and requested me to sleep
with him.
g and did not have $ex with me on that night
instead he cuddled me and touched my cllitorris and
licked it really good.
The following day I slept with him again and this
time he penetrated into me though painful he did it
with care and slowly until I could handle it, it all was
so sweet that we ended up coming together. That
was the best experience I have ever had in my life.
Now am jealous of my MUM.
I need help because I am just 21 now and need to
move on but do not know how to

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