A media house is one of the most important project that should have long been entrenched in Okunland for dissemination of trending around Okun and its vicinity.

The establishment of media house in Okunland is becoming long overdue as the image of OkunLand can only be projected through Okun owned radio or television house.

Over some decades of year, Okun people has suffered for popularity which has led them to a situation whereby her origin which was said to have been traced to Yoruba land has denied the fact that OKUNLAND is a part of YORUBALAND.

However, for the past few years now, the newly coronated Yeye Oge of Okunland has been working assiduously to ensure the clinching of mutual​ recognition of Okunland by the Yoruba people though Okun people originated from Yoruba land but because they lack something like media house where their voices can be raised/heard for the whole world to know where they truely belongs.

Having a media house in Okunland will boost the economic of the land thereby creating job opportunity for the unemployed youths and it will also create awareness to the trending happening in the nooks and crannies of the land.

We therefore, urge the newly elected president of Okun nation in person of BARR FEMI MOKIKAN to make this media house a salient agenda in his blueprint as all sons and daughters of Okunland both home and diaspora would be happy if this can be achieved through the efforts of our Present and the support of Okun sons and daughters across the globe.

We equally solicit the help of our elected political office holders and appointed ones towards the success of this project.

Our successful business men and women and the efforts of all sons and daughters of Okunland towards this project will make it achievable.

God bless OkunLand.

Okun agbe ha oooo.


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