It's a fact that leaders are born; Wemi Jones is a quitessence of this quote,having a man whose heart is full of kindness,good deeds,and love is rare to see,but thanks to God for having someone like you in Okun Land(Kabba Bunu/Ijumu
Am much  concerned with  your ambition,and I will always use my pen in defending a just being whose major priority is giving to the needy,and his paramount interest is the interest of the masses..
Masses interest ought to be the major priority of every political enigma but the reverse is the case of politicians we have in the political world today. Wemi Jones is a distinct personality despite economic hardship he still maintained his selfless stand by putting in his best in providing for the poor and needy.
What captivated my heart most is when I heard his contribution during 2015 general election in Kabba Bunu despite he is not contesting for any political office but to ensure that the right person emerge for the betterment of the masses.This was what triggered me most and makes me to pick up my pen of justice and write to make the world to know the good deed of Wemi Jones.Indeed you are a true legend,a rare leader, lofty,dexterious and a quintessence of true leadership.
I'm not a political beggar,neither am I writing this for fame or familiarity,but I will always write to praise the good ones to motivate them.
My advice for you is to continue the good work and continue to have the masses as your priority. May God continue to help you.

Support and Vote
Hon.Wemi Jones For House Of Representatives Kabba Bunu /IJUMU Federal  Constituency.
Wemijones media Team 2019.

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