John 11:35
_An Olu Majek article_
Most people have not unravelled the actual reasons Jesus Christ wept according to the account of John 11:35.
For the avoidance of doubts, Jesus Christ did not weep because Lazarus was dead! He didn't cry because He was emotional.
By the virtue of His Godlike nature, Jesus Christ knew Lazarus was dead even when He was not told. He also knew Lazarus would live again. So, what would have made Jesus Christ weep in spite of His Knowledge of what was to happen?
Remember Martha went to meet Jesus and in their conversations, Jesus revealed to Martha that He was the Resurrection and the Life. Notwithstanding this strong statement, Martha and her neighbours would not stop crying!!
*Seeing this (seeming ignorance), Jesus wept!*
*Jesus wept because of the ignorance around him.
*Jesus wept because of the unbelief he perceived in His own people.
*In His mind, Jesus was saying: you have the resurrection and the life with you and you weep so bitterly!
In the same vein, Edward Onoja wept!
Edward Onoja did not weep because he was insulted. He did not weep because he was hungry.
Edward wept because of the ignorance around him!
Edward says: the world has moved so far above tribal sentiment, but you hang unto your tribalism as a weapon of war!
By his tears, Edward says: the rot in the civil service was enough to destroy Kogi State. We have come to the rescue to clean up the system, but what we get in return are your insults!
In clear terms, Edward says: I wish you could see the future I'm seeing so we can team up as one to build the state we desire to have.
Edward wept for the generation yet unborn!
Olu Majek

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