_An Olu Majek inspiration!_
A reflection of Matthew 19: 16 - 24.
1. In the fifth year that king Ebele Jonathan reigned over the kingdom of Nigeria, there arose a certain young man from the Province of Kogi by the name Mailafia.
2. And he sayeth unto the people with his two hands lifted in the air, he cried with a loud voice: I am a fighter for the people! And the people runneth to him with great interest and they cheered him with joy.
3. Upon this, they appointed him to the upper chamber for to make law unto the people. And the man was a good talker of the word and in all the Provinces, it was found that no man could sing songs of psalms like him.
4. And it came to past in the third year that King Buhari reigneth over the kingdom of Nigeria, that this young man came again unto the people and lifted his hands unto the air as unto the first time and sayeth unto them in a loud voice: I am a fighter for the people!
5. And the people stood still and looked upon him for many were not pleased with his ways.
6. And a certain wise man crieth with a loud voice and sayeth unto him: if thou be a fighter for the people, go ye therefore into thy closet, sell all thy possessions and give the money thereof to thy people who are very poor for to feed, they and their children.
7. And the young man was filled with great sorrow and he departed from the people for he had great possession of chariots made of Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Porsche and Davidson; some made of gold and some of silver as fit for kings and princes.

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