OKUNTV Congratulates Our Very Own Treat P ( The NAKOSS Vice President On External Affair Elect)

Celebrating our own is always the best and one of our cardinal objectives, not just because we are so sure of our ability to make things happen, but for us to do more and spread the known and the undiluted Okun-spirit to the world at large.

Justina Watti;

* She is an all round comrade.

** She is a type of character that would always give what its takes to bring about true change.

*** She is one of the respected boss ladies (industrious ladies ) in Okunland.

**** She is also a promoter of our respected and cherished culture!

With these progresive attributes, it's sure that the external affairs of NAKOSS would be cherised by many and respected by all.

Congratulates Miss. Watti Justina( Treat P).
Okun TV management Team.

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