OkunTV: Should be a joint assignment.

OkunTV: We have to be heard through us.

OkunTV: What they are saying about us may be right or wrong, it's not as important as whom we says we are.

OkunTV: OkunTV Can stand and be maintained by the Okuns.

For every message, there must be messenger(s). Mr. Sunday Aseda, the son of Mr. Baiye from Aiyegunle Igun. Mr. Aseda is the founder of Aseda Media Consult and all importantly, whom God has used as a projector and giving the idea to trace, acknowledged and sustained our value as Okuns through OKUNTV.

Success, I believe attracts more success. One big achievement today will surely brings about greater and bigger
achievements tommorrow and definitely, the bigger one may come through you in the nearest future. One of the major reasons why OKUNTV must stand and be maintained by "we we".

The truth is, OkunTV has come to stay with the power of God and with men who values genuinety but the greatest joy would be for it to stand and be mentained by the Okuns.

This is not about religion. It's not about politics.
It's about us; who we are, where we are coming from, reasons why we are here, how to sustain our legacy and all the side attractions- reminds many of our culture and to keep our tradition.

I'm not unmindful about the situation of things on ground economically, It's about making the first thing first. High time we have to be known as the Progressive Minded People and not just classrooms educationists. High time we starts practicing that which we have learnt in "classrooms"

OkunTV coming to stay through us will go a very long way to show how far we have been able to transformed what we have learnt.

You can contact legendary  Aseda Sunny Aseda on: 08133256373

               ~Ajibola Bernard Olaniyi

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