Melaye: Desperate bid to move him to Lokoja thickens against medical advice.

In what looks like a done deal, the desperation and overzealousness of the police to move Sen Dino Melaye to Lokoja, Kogi State have been revealed.

Intelligence report currently reveal that Kogi state governor and other interested party have concluded arrangement with a state high court judge before which Melaye would be hurriedly re-arraigned and ensure his lasting detention over a matter that was already before  a competent court which is to come up in few days time, here in Abuja

Part of there plans also shows that if eventually Melaye is been taking to Lokoja, the governor have also gone diabolical to hurt and silence him.

The plan is to move close to Sen Dino Melaye and ensure they torch him with some already prepared fetish, diabolical concoctions and alike.

We are working based on facts and here is Sen Melaye's Medical Report from National Hospital, Abuja which detailed his current health status since he was rushed to the trauma centre.

Nigerians must not keep quite in the face of this desperate politically induced victimization and degrading of human rights.

These must be resisted and we shall not accept any further attempt to cut-short Melaye's life.


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