“If The god Of Aluta Must Rise”

By:Arowolo Solomon Alaba

When Government is wrong we should oppose them. When Government is right we should work with them. Locally, regionally and nationally STUDENTS UNION have an inconsistent relationship with Government. When we do work with them we often dont get the desired results. When we oppose them we often dont produce the required outcomes. We need opposition that delivers change, and partnerships that have lasting legacies. We can do this by creating the effective activists of tomorrow; change makers! And to be clear, we shouldn't care who is in power, right or left, red or blue, we should work with anyone who wants to make positive change for students.
The sole and basic source of our strength is the solidarity of all students,both the leaders and the followers, the solidarity of people who seek to live in dignity, truth, and in harmony with their conscience.
Work with all Students Unions to build activists and activism that is effective and delivers real results. Strongly hold Government to account with direction coming from our membership at large. Not just the politicos!
A national campaign to build strong relationships with all levels of Government, to achieve real success when we agree.
Regional wide campaigns for more local Government support for Student Unions.
Encouraging member Unions to engage in Localism, building real change at a local level.

Students want to see good graduate employment prospects, and they most certainly want to be employable. As a movement we need to start playing our part in helping to tackle the unemployment crisis, while doing all we can to help students be in the best position to get on the employment ladder.
Campaign to make sure the work place offers fair and equal opportunities for all.
Campaigning to make sure placements and internships are truly a stepping stone and not an alternative to employment.
A strong national campaign to give Student Unions the tools to play their part in tackling unemployment and subsequently give their students the tools to aid employability.

We live in a time of global transformation. The power on Earth no longer lies with the forces of globalisation, but with those groups who are now connecting with the spirit of transformation. It is not terror and violence, but trust and solidarity which will lead the new world even down to the Students union at all level. This is not just a wishful dream, but the objective reality of the coming epoch.

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