Agitating for the good welfare and betterment of Okunland is our priority at National Association of Okun Students (NAOS) just as the 2019 general election approaches we call the attention of Okun Sons and Daughters to ponder on these issues that have caused political setbacks to our dear land.

Since the creation of Kogi State in 1991, the highest position an Okun indigene has attained is the deputy governor or the speaker, the upcoming children could even ask.... are we jinxed? Must we always settle for the less?

However, answers to the above are not far fetched, let's take ourselves down the memory lane. During the 2011 general elections, about five Okun indigenes contested for the position of governorship at the People Democratic Party (PDP) primaries.

Okun land again lost the race to Igala Land because of disunity, the aspirants were not ready to step down for each other to present a vibrant, intellectual and credible candidate to contest the election. It's sad to remind you brothers and sisters that we lost that seat because of division and inability to talk with one voice.

Little wonder, Okunland has been at the receiving end of bad leadership in Kogi State, but how long must we allow this to continue? Must we always settle for crumbs?

The upcoming 2019 general elections should be an opportunity to put things right again, in our opinion, we shall advice the good people of Okun Land to rally around a credible candidate for the governorship position irrespective of the political affiliation.

Taking a critical look at the Constitution of the Federal Character, Okunland is not fully represented, sourcing the cause of this setbacks could be traced to the political gangsterism of some of our representative at the National Assembly.

We need to get it right this time, we need credible and accountable people to occupy these positions in the upcoming elections, Okunland should maintain the position of good people and intellectual of Kogi has known us to be, we must elect a credible candidates that have interest of Okunland at hearts.

Another critical check at the statistics of number of credible voters in Kogi State, we stands the first in the number of eligible voters, we are at a good advantage and we have the resources at our disposal this time around.

Let's shun politics of bitterness, let's unite on one voice, let's shun disunity, let's shun politics of hatred for the benefit of Okunland. We need to learn from our past mistakes, we mustn't continue to be the laughing stock of other tribes in Kogi State.

Moreover, as the INDEPENDENT NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION (INEC) extends the collection and registration of Permanent Voters Card, we urge the good people of Okunland that have registered to obtain their PVC and also encourage the upcoming that are eighteen(18) years and above to register for their Voters Card because this is the only way we can salvage our land from total destruction.

Let's prepare to elect credible people into various positions through our PVC's to break these jinx setting our land backward.

When the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do?  This is just a rhetoric question.

Our destinies lie in our hands. Let's do the right thing to obtain the best results in 2019.

God bless Okunland
God bless Kogi State
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yours in the Struggle
Comrade Ajagun Opeyemi Samuel A.K.A Okun Boy.

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