The Table Shakers Association of Nigeria(TSAN), Kogi State Chapter, hereby condemn the inactiveness of the Kogi state ministry of Education. And urged her to go out of her comfort zone to put in order the abnormalities that have besieged some institutions in Kogi state.
        The association has observed with great concern, the unbearable ineptitude that has crept into the Kogi State educational system and deemed it necessary to put forward a wake-up call, to the ministry of education in a desperate bid to redeem the poor citizens whose future are at stake.
      TSAN notes with trepidation the underperformance of government primary and secondary schools, as well as; the moribund and unqualified status of some private schools across the state and attributes it as some of the reasons for the pitiable condition of education in the state.
    Over the years, these awful abnormalities have degenerated drastically ranging from the frivolous manners with which these schools are being handled, to the employment of unlettered and incompetent teachers by some unqualified private schools.
     Consequently, the students at the receiving ends of this educational disaster are constantly found engaging in examination malpractices, in both internal and external examinations, as these schools have failed in their duties towards them.
   TSAN doubts the possibility of the victims of unhealthy education to become the 'leaders of tomorrow' as well as the probability of having a healthy competition with their peers when they step out of Kogi state.
      TSAN unequivocally  states that 'the leaders we have today were at a point students and wonder how possible it would have been for them to actualize their goals in life, if they had been subjected to similar treatments.
    The number of poor academical graduates produced by these institutions are on the increase, with bad and heart-quaking spoken English as their symbol. Not only have these children's future been trampled upon,the future of Kogi state and Nigeria at large is bleak since it's said that 'education is the bedrock of all nations'.
        We hereby calls on the Kogi State Ministry of Education and Kogi State Government to put measures in place to save the future of Kogi state children as well as the future of Kogi state and Nigeria at large.
Signed: Salami Banjo
Chairman BoT, TSAN.

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