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Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Mind,according to Webster's universal dictionary;is the faculty responsible for intellect, feelings,speech; memory; intellect; reason; opinion; sanity. To be careful about;to care about, to be obedient; to be careful to object.

Thessaurusily,mind is drum that harbor in any action or relation that confronted an individual. Verily,if a person is happy, his/her mind is equally happy and doing fine. But when a person is disturbed or bothered either by friends,family or oneself, the mind will not but malfunction and work insidiously to the development of the body.

Unfortunately, the mind can malfunction,misbehave,disturb,or insidiously affected majorly friends and families are  rated 93% of what makes mind malfunctions. Inversely, an individual is rated 99% of what make his or her mind appropriately, proper, correctly function.

Harbouring of disputes,gorges, and many other things are what makes the mind inappropriately function. For instance, holding on to mistake of others, continuous placement of emphasize on the wrongs of others and  immaturity manner of overlooking others mistake. Most people are not doing fine today today, they are not functioning as expected, they lack the U's and the T's to be responsible members of the society they belonged. Their academics are distorted and pivotal, they appeared rejected amongst friends and they are nowhere to be found among elites. All because their heart or mind is malfunctioning as a result of holding on to others misdeeds. Forgive and forger are the major antidote to the betterment of our mind. As long as one refused to overlook the shortcoming of others such person remains stagnant in a position. You castigate much on the wrong doing of others you find it difficult to forgive others and...
My fellow colleagues! Do you know actions are grouped into two:
1. Conscious actions
2.unconscious actions

Conscious action are actions that the doer is aware of doing it,it is a preplanned action. The doer actually planned to do it. So it could be good or bad. Hence, the  action is consciously action based on good intention and at the same time,it could be conscious action based on bad intention.

While unconscious action are also good or bad but in this time,the doer does not even aware of what he or she is doing. Such action carrier, will not even know he or she is doing anything. If it is based on good intention, his or her attention will be identified and if it is the other way round,his real sense will not be known as well.

Either of the two grouped of action above, the best  life is that F*F: is an antidote to pleasant mind. Do you want to be happy always? Just learn to forgive others and forget about their misdeeds. Dale Carnegie, the author of "How To Make Friends And Influence People" said forgive other misdeed even before they are aware of their consciously or unconscious actions, are life investment of happiness.

My brothers and sisters, you prayed five time daily, yet your inner you is unspiritual grinded. You recite glorious Quran with sweet and sound dialect yet the sweet of your behavior is resisted. You dressed pinkly white garment, full from head to toe yet the fear of Allah is missing in you. You are beautifully created and Handsomely endowed yet you are ungrateful to your lord by counting others misdeeds. Allah, your lord has blessed you by not holding you responsible for the action you actually performed for which you've seek forgiveness yet you are found holding on the wrong unconscious actions of your brothers and sisters in deed.

Well the truth of the matter and the bitter truth therein is that; you are hurting yourself by keeping and holding on to other misdeeds. If life and friends give you thousand way of sorrow, you should be able to give life and friends millions ways of happiness and joy. This life is small and globe, so what goes around comes around. You may find this story interesting:

Once upon a time in kogi state,a boy was in primary one. He meet a corps member who came to his school for national youth service. This boy was very good and nice this copper, despite his age then. There was also a senior girl or head girl in the said school. The boy was friendly to both the head girl and the copper. Indeed, good action pays than bad character.

After many years of rain and sun,countless days and nights,these three set of people meet again. Today,the copper is now a level coordinator, a lecturer in the faculty of Education, Ekiti state university, while the boy and the head girl are now students in the said university studying Engineering and microbiology respectively.

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