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Monday, 9 October 2017

Nigeria At 57: A Country Facing Regression

*By Suleiman Ibrahim Temitope*

Factory reset could help? This seems to be a rhetorical question, but that is the fact. When ever a phone software develops problem like viruses, error or malfunctioning, software expert will direct you to go the phone settings and reset the phone, or you clear the phone catch. After all this process you realize the phone function as new one.

Nigeria has contacted viruses, and the only way out is by resetting. As an undergraduate, tears roll down my cheek if I see all our leaders and political office holders continue to lavish ransom for celebrating Independence Day.

Why should Nigerians celebrate the independence? Because of the wrecked economy and depending on other countries to feed herself? The education that gets worsened everyday or about the  continuous devaluation in Nigerian currency?  Or even with all the natural and fertile land that we don't make use of. Remember it is not what we don't have that keeps us down but what we have and didn't make use of.

Do you notice that some people usually point out problems, but very difficult for them to provide solution. If you can only point a problem and solution respectively, then you have archive greatly than millions.

*Nigeria system:* Nigeria could have been one of the best nation but due to the selfish interests  and bad system, Nigeria remains in arithmetic regression. Nigeria can be related to a marathon competition, at the starting point everyone will be strong enough and all aiming to win, after 3-4 kilometers we can now predict first to third position.

Let now assume the first position leads second with 2kilometers then he feels relaxed and stays on one point, after the end of the race you realize the last position will overtake him, this is simply because he stayed on a point.

And relating with physic, first law of motion stated that an object or body will remain in the state of rest unless an ext ernal force is applied. This proves that Nigeria may continue to be an under developed country if there are no good leaders to rule. If not that Nigeria system is bad, how can some of our leaders alleged of corrupt practices  still hold office without being convicted.

The system is bad that someone will spend equivalent or more annual budget of the country on himself alone, how can we expect such person not to steal, because he will definitely want more.

Citizens have also involved in the corrupt act by collecting token to vote those that spent billions to contest. Why not spend such money on the ordinary citizens that need food, or those in hospital that have not being able to pay bills and so on.

It's said that where there is no law, no sin. Is Nigeria lawless? The answer is no... They are not law abiding. Why should our leaders travel abroad with family?  They fly their children to school abroad and the youth they call leaders of tomorrow struggling to pay school fees. This is so pathetic if the Nigerian senators use billions of Naira cars.

They prefer going to abroad for medical and grooming their children to take over after they leave office. It is shame that some of them will keep posting different shots on social networks...

*Leadership :* Few month ago, the not too young to rule was filled up in all dailies and social network as it has been pass into law.

This really amaze me as a new development for the youth at large. Now, are the youth ready for not too young to rule? Where just 20% or less youth are qualified.

What are your ambitions as a youth? Are you ready for the challenges? Remember leadership is about taking people to a place, even if they resist.

We have leaders that are still in their mid forties, what are their performances so far? They are all failure, because they forget leadership is not learnt, it's inspired. Acquiring a lot of affluence doesn't make you successful. Most youth are interested to hold political offices not to change bad act but to add more corrupt tactics.

Check what the students are doing in their student union government level. Everything in Nigeria has been messed up with corruption. Back then SUG are against government as they all fight for their rights, nowadays government use them to fight opposition. Last month SU OAU chapter fighting for money, stabbed themselves with bottle. Hmm, these are the people that will contest for president and tell us they will bring change. This is the best time for Nigeria to wake up, do factory reset and configure all aspect.

*Let stay together as one and stay against corruption.*

*Engr Ibtisam* .
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