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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Man Wemi Jones - Federal House of Representatives, 2019

The Man Wemi Jones -  Federal House of Representatives, 2019

The life drama of our day has taken a new turn - from despair to hope and courageous resolve to become a better people, and a better country, and to combat the ills of our society. By a paradox of the human condition, we experience the bad to know the good. So it is the disquieted by a surfeit of human ills that have plagued, and bedevilled our national experience, there is now a new restless hunger for success, for the enthronement of the ideals of excellence in human personalities, in social institution, and national policies, goals and objectives.

The cry is for sounder personalities to blaze the trail of reform and a new path to glory for the re-ordering of our unhappy society, and for the younger generation whose heritage from us, their forebears should be ideals of human excellence for the strength, the inspiration, and the direction they need in their own generation.

It is therefore apt to mount a campaign for excellence in our human society and in ourselves at this point in time - as a new perspective in our development agenda.

The cry now should be for the best people. The social crusade for human reform is to produce this new breed - men and women of excellence. But the question is: Who is the sound Nigerian personality? What are the measures and responsibilities involved in producing such a sound personality? What are the dimensions of soundness?
It is important to establish these issues and standard of soundness we expect from human individuals - otherwise there will be no goals and no standards in our human reform and human development programmes and efforts.

Therefore, Jones has values perfection and seeks righteousness. He is self-confident; but God-honouring. He has faith. He is persistent. He will not rest on his laurels. He strives on to do better. He has internal security and He is not shaken like the reed by whims of circumstances. He is courageous. He keeps his word. He has honour. He is true. He has commitment. He knows his weaknesses and try to overcome them. He invests in his strengths. He makes the best of his talents, advantages and opportunities. He does not usually lose a moment for positive action. He see opportunities in situations calling for action - not only problems. He is positive -not negative. He is challenged by excellence, and achievement.

He is not disturbed nor angered by the successes of others; but rather is spurred by others' achievements to achieve his own. He is not overly exploitative and parasitic to his environment. He is contribution-minded, social interest-oriented, and less self centred. He is good and effective in all life situations, being not selectively good; but being a good citizen, a good husband, a good friend, a good father. He loves and accepts the love of others. He respects his culture and his people; but he has his autonomy; and does not mind being a rebel against his society if he is not convinced, to uphold justice, truth, fair play, human right and dignity.

He believes in merit, and earns what he gets. He is a positive standard-setter. He does what he preaches. He does not reap where he did not sow. He has freedom from duplicity and hypocrisy. He is sincere, genuine and honest.

Furthermore, Wemi loves himself; but He does not live for himself alone. He loves others and confers the good in him on others, in service and charity. He is not overly selfish. He is not insensitive to the sufferings and feelings of others. He is expert in some fields. He is productive being.

A personality of excellence is continually challenged by imperfection, and improprieties in society. He cannot keep quiet while things go wrong. He has a sensitive conscience. He responds to moral issues of society. He is able to champion the cause of social reforms and reclamation of excellence by meeting his responsibilities, upholding merit, justice and fair play and never subverting these nor lowering the scale of standards in the interest of himself or any other.

Consequently, what then can we say than to support his ambition for FHoR 2019.

Group Admins Team Wemi Jones 2019

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