Hon. Victor Adewale Omofaiye: Turning Mere Words To Good Deeds Through His Value. - TREAT P WORLD


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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Hon. Victor Adewale Omofaiye: Turning Mere Words To Good Deeds Through His Value.

Passing motions by legislators is good and pretty much easier, but your value and what you truly stands for will always determines if the motions(words) passed would be acted upon by the executive -Turning words into good deeds.
A valued man is a treasured man and when you are valuable, you attracts blessings. For every organization there must be a sort of competition. Hence, the only way to get the best out of the very few competitive available resources meant for the satisfaction of our unlimited wants is to come out with men of value who has the ability to attracts blessings because as people, we would always want more.
Hon. Victor Adewale Omofaiye has choosed to stand. Standing not just for the ones for him, but standing for humanity, both the rich and the poor; for he strictly believe that if a nation can't take care of many who are poor, she will fail to safe the very few who are rich.
www.treatpworld.com.ng, in her words says "Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values". To Hon. VAO, a lots of changes has occurred, politically and otherwise but the values remains and the good works continues.
Since what the world lacks at this crucial moment is nothing but people with Lightening Action. The glow from Omofaiye's fire is brightening the light of many and through that many are lightening the world already.
To study the essence of being, study Honourable Victor Adewale Omofaiye and be guaranteed of excellent performance in your own field because his light will for sure glow in you and through you reaches the world at large.
Celebrating him for just a singular reason at this junction - many of his words that has turned to actions or good deeds. heavens shall continue to smile on you sir.
God bless VAO. Okunland and Kogi State is blessed, God bless us more
     - Comrade Ajibola Olaniyi Bernard

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