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Monday, 27 November 2017

I DIDN'T have SEXUAL relationship with her. Kogirebel(Promise Emmanuel)

From kogi rebel.(promise Emmanuel) Facebook post.

Timeline of events:

I called an intellectual thief who stole someone's post out.
I tagged the owner of the post. She blocked me, blocked the owner.

I called her out on my wall. It is on my timeline.

I deactivated later that day because my tab hangs and I caught into sickness.

She makes a post about me on her wall saying I deactivated my account because was "dissing her". A 20 year old girl?  Diss her on what account? 

In the comment section,  she was asked why I would deactivate my account because of her. She responds to someone that because I tried forcing myself on her and she refused, I promised to "cast" her, which I did by calling her out on plagiarism.

Her boyfriend calls in the heat. Didn't know it was me. He threatened me. I caught it on record.

I make a post about how we met and the circumstances of our dealing.  I DIDNT have SEXUAL relationship with this girl. Infact, she said she was a virgin. Most importantly,  she begged to see me 2 and half years ago before I travelled after exams.

I saw her, not up to an hour. Her boyfriend then, not the current one would call me because she left the phone I sent my address on to charge. She had lied she came to see her sister. Didn't know she crashed in a guy's place. The dude called while she was there and begged she was her gf. He said her weakness was sex. That if she was just touched,  she gives in. That they've had issues.

I had to tell him I didn't have that kind of relationship with her. She came to me with one story I came to understand:

1. She's always 18 to every guy she meets
2. Her father abuses her emotionally
3. All the guys she's met always took advantage of her. (Infact fam, she told me of this Emmanuel guy who freshly took advantage of her and I almost called him to fight).

4. She needed money to buy JAMB form as her dad says she won't go to school.

You see fam? I was stupid. Stupid that with these kind of people come to you with stories of depression and helping them with their self esteem, you become attached.

We stopped talking more than 2 years now because she lied to me about many things when she came. The BF kept calling me with details. I can't be saying all those things now because still, she doesn't understand the consequences of her actions.

Now, she stalked me. We weren't friends. She liked all my posts at night.  I didn't even know she had changed names. I checked,  figured it was her. On her wall, I saw that the stalking was because she lifted my posts. Fam, anywhere she saw my comment on other people's thread,  she would respond. I figured she wanted to make up. I let go. We became friends. I didn't even have her number for those lost years. I asked again. We spoke and she said life had dealt with her in my absence and bla bla. Obviously,  she's likeable.  Infact, I loved her because she's smart.

You know what? Shit hits the fan when she made that silly allegation. My attention was drawn to it. I had to respond.

Before this, less than two weeks ago, this girl had come inbox to ask for mentorship in writing.  AF, how can someone who had tried forcing himself on you be who you want to mentor you?

See, fam, her boyfriend called this evening.  I recorded the whole conversation because "Obi is no longer boy". He pleaded that she was young.

But how can she be 18 and he is also dating her when he graduated from KSU in 2014? Oh, maybe Ufedor NG's birthday is automatically fixed on 18.

He begged I make it go. Because he didn't himself understand how everything went down.  I explained via a phone conversation. Guy is a gentleman to an extent. He was willing to take the pain for her. Know, I told my folks, they warned I allowed her make the post first.

See fam, she's 20. Someone I care about.  Someone who learned from me. She stalked me even when I wasn't paying attention.  She doesn't also understand what me and her boyfriend,  Peter, understands.

I didn't know it was a scam. Prolly not a scam but because Ufedo is temperamental, she could have walked out on the joint conversation.  She said me calling her out on plagiarism was because I wanted people to stop following her. She said that was what instigated her into making allegations.

When I said that but she said she's a virgin,  then she swerved that it was "anal we did". So she graduated from "trying to force himself on me" to anal? But she's 18? Well.

Come with me.

She had alleged in her new allegation that she met me when she came for Post UTME. Wow.

This girl is in 100 level,  she just finished 1st semester.  When did KSU write Post UTME again? Maybe  June or when?  Was I in KSU at that point?  I don graduate.

She said I locked my door and asked for a quickee that my sister was coming. Lmao.

I lived alone in school.  My sister is married and lives with her husband whom is a military personnel outside Kogi State.

You see fam, in this clime, people think a man should keep quiet because a "lady" is more believable.

Don't you drink something?  If that souless girl had anything to establish that there was even a relationship,  she'd put it in your face. Why is her boyfriend also calling me?

See, I write.  Yes, I am sympathetic to Yahaya Bello, all time she's been writing this, they've been the ones promoting it.  This night, most of them danced atilogu on an allegation because someone said it. Not a shred of evidence.

She even stated that she deleted her messages. Can she delete Facebook,  WhatsApp and texts?

I'm waiting for some people to buy the wahala on their own head before I'd release those screen shots. It has even been given out. There's a full audio conversation for her saying if I didn't make the plagiarism scandal go away, she'd make more allegations.

Usually,  these things drive traffic.  I like it. I felt when my trial comes, it would have teeth. 

Isn't it in Kogi State? Hian. We are used to their antics. I'd consider this as my own media trial after an unsuccessful one before. 

I've been getting many friendship requests, it is warm because a lot of them are Kogi folks, the real people I need to reach out to.

You would think some people have something grand as capital for social blackmail. I think when anyone wants to sponsor anyone to damage the reputation of others, they should select a fine specimen.

Last last, tomorrow,  I'd make a post about Gomino Bello, I would talk about his adaptation to leadership responsibilities, he has been mending fences. See fam, Jibrin Echocho is going to run for Kogi East Senate. He'd actually be pulling the stunt of University of Agricultural that Senator Dino Melaye recently did.

You see this me?  Promise Emmanuel, I am a moving truck. See, everything about me and around me is God. Infact, not my efforts.  My friends who are worried, don't bother yourself.

If you're not important,  such things won't gain traction.  Im also waiting for NGOs that would step into the case to prosecute.  Abeg, it would be sweet.

But when girls who say they're 18 begin to pull this kind of victim-forming shot, it becomes a problem on our society.  When girls begin to see fighting power in sexual allegations,  then many would also see stabbing men as fighting power.

You don't have to believe me. But you believe a girl running her lies because she has said it even when you have no evidence?

See, I can be many things,  but not stupid things.

My name is Promise Emmanuel, AKA Kogi Rebel, I will keep calling plagiarists out. I will keep writing the truth from my perspective.

Come with more allegations! !!

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