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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Kogi Records another Milestone in Security

Kogi Records another Milestone in Security

By Promise Emmanuel (Kogi rebel)

The crashing of criminal activities in Kogi state is gaining consolidation. I wrote about two months ago how the security template in Kogi State should be adopted as a template-application for Plateau and Benue states.

The recent menace of Fulani herdsmen/Farmers clash is the stubborn sting on impromptu security volatility in most North central states. My state Governor,  Yahaya Bello is taking an inclusive approach. (a) There's a nationalistic approach of creating harmonious environment for the Fulanis and Kogites to live together without erecting laws to ban and restrict them. It aligns with the unity creed of Nigeria even though it is a very courageous decision to make. I would agree that with careful social-sexing of various agitations, drawing boundaries and creating a win-win situation would make habitation in diversity seamless.
(b). He understands that the Fulani/Herdmens fracas is home-grown because the problems across Nigeria doesn't carry a universal face. In Kogi state, we have been living with herdsmen for a long time.

Let me tell you what the Governor is doing:

1. He has ensured that the joint security pool is in cohesion and ensures counterpart provision of their running costs.

2. He has strengthened the local vigilante group with resources and mobilisation which ensures accurate community policing. The deep penetration of local vigilante groups have made security of our villages easy, for home-home search, criminal profiling and identification of family base has cautioned the youths.

3. Traditional rulers have been incorporated into the peace-keeping fight. Traditional leaders have been awaken to their responsibilities by taking charge of their domains to avoid breakdown of security or face deposition.  The various Local government administrators have also been toe-fired to know that Herdmens clashes could threaten their jobs.

4. Fulani leaders are to be incorporated into the local councils for decision making as they're also part of the society been the most displaced.

Conclusively,  he has demonstrated his security acumen in the myriad of challenges yet to be solved in the state. We have pockets of assassination attempts here and there, a residual of the old political realities entrenched in Kogi state before now. But in the middle of this, it has been the lowest in history.

Security is proactiveness. Security is community business.  Security is also a joint responsibility.  Bringing all party involved for cohesion is not a beans talk. So, nationally,  as he is the sub committee chair of the APC Governors on Security,  while also holding the best medal ware on Security by the Inspector General of Police, I can only be proud as a Kogite. We are failing in some places but winning in difficult places.

God bless Kogi State. My rebellion is not against Security.

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