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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

NOT TOO LATE: Suleiman Ibrahim Temitope

Research has make it know that majority of Nigerian citizen don't like reading. The strategy they use is to read the first two paragraphs and the last two paragraph, then assume they have finish because they are lazy to read. That is why is been said that when you want to write and hide some few words, then put them in the middle of your writeup.
The year 2017 is going to an end and just left with less than fortnight. What have you achieved yet? Do you clinch or about to? Why regret in what you are doing? Do u set goals the previous years? How was ur so far? Never give up in what ever you find joy in. As Suleiman Ibrahim T. Said "the most inestimable affluence in life is doing what make you happy ".
Keel trying your best and definitely as you are aiming the moon you, you will definitely hit the start. Keep your hope alive, and for those that are doing a particular work because he see people doing it should rebirth this coming year. For those who also don't care about their aim and objective should endeavors to start something. As a student you can put more effort and acquire a good CGPA as expected, despite you have been refer as the dummy of the class. Also workers should target more income this coming year, by involving in different entrepreneur activities, remember the government you are depending on has not yet satisfy themselves.
Peer group is another vital role to discuss about what are you doing or female initiate you in that you feel is not good enough for you? Start today and access yourself carefully, know the kind of people you make friends with. As a student is your friend always involves in social life than his primary objective? Try to decide what you want and dislike, it is your life and you are fully in charge of what you want and doesn't.
As a worker who are your coworkers you relate with? Are they that don't keep to instructions to the boss command. Or are they the type that talks and distract you from your work. Remember that your friends and coworkers will want you to do what they indulge in, unless you really have a strong and positive power to control your want, and it mostly said that is better to be alone than in a wrong company.
No one on this earth that will not definitely take risk in a day. I know most people will like "sigh" but that is the truth. In as much you sleep then you are taking a risk because it might result to death. This life is full of risk but their are some reasonable and expensive risk. How can ones decide to drive from Lokoja to Abuja in just 40 minutes?
Do you recall that what you you use in your transport activities are not living things to express if probably they are not in good state. Life doesn't have duplicate, try to caution yourself, if traveling by commercial then be brave enough to caution the driver when he is driving recklessly. Your yesterday is gone, today and tomorrow is the promise note, make use it well, and wishing you all success in 2018.
     *Suleiman Ibrahim Temitope* *(Ibtisam)*

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