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Monday, 4 December 2017


Good Day Okun Sons and Daughters at home and in the diaspora
I have two very important pleasant pieces of information that I want to share with you

1) A very prominent Son of ours has expressed very deep interest in realigning our taste for traditional values, including entertainment.
Towards this end, he has volunteered to sponsor 15-18 youths, (12 males and six females) from all the LG in Okun and Oworo (three from each LG) to a training centre in Oyo town.
He wants ODA to manage the process from end to end. The hope is that on successful completion, they will commercialise their new trade, particularly during individual or group celebrations, in churches all over their domains, and in whatever way they know. They may even become trainers to others. He has generously and knows kindly handed over this to ODA to manage. This role involves selecting the 15-18 youths; identify the training centre and confirm admission details such as academic sessions, resumption dates for new trainees, fees, etc; ODA is to also monitor the seriousness and participation of the trainees, take part in their graduation and celebrate their induction at a place in Okunland whenever they finish.
The individual God using for this will foot all the bills- training fees. accommodation, and a stipend to support them.
All of these are under one condition- that his identity is not disclosed to any one. Failure to adhere to this will automatically frustrate the project. For this reason, pls do not ask me who the individual is.
ODA will work out a framework for use in the selection of the successful youths for this and announce same to you all.

2) As if the above was not amazing enough, another very prominent Individual has come up with a fantastic idea of a Film that will gulp several millions in two or three parts that have as its theme ENDURING LEGACIES OF EDUCATION, VALUES, AND PERSEVERANCE AGAINST INSTANT GRATIFICATION, THUGGERY AND HOOLIGANISM.
The cast of the film, that is the actors and actresses, will be 90% Okun actors and actresses and the balance of 10% will come from the South West. And they will shoot the film in different locations including various towns in Okun, and also in Lagos and selected towns in the South West.
This individual has already contacted a professional that should be meeting with the ODA when both of them have concluded.

Again ODA is to champion this including getting a script writer from amongst our Profs, Scholars and any other competent individual that will put the concept in script form. The beauty of this is that when completed, the film will be formally launched in Lagos and all the proceeds will go to the account of ODA for its projects. Once the production team is assembled, there will be a short colourful ceremony in Lagos to kick off the project.
Painfully, the individual does not want his identity disclosed until at the launching.
The ball is now in our court.
Who says that 2018 will not be more glorious for Okun?

If you have any suggestions for the ODA Executive on any or both of these, pls send them across as you did on our message on Funding.
Thank you

*Femi Mokikan*
National President
Okun Development Association.

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