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Saturday, 6 January 2018

2018: Scheming The Game Heralding The Polls

By Ajogwu-Jerry Ochada

After the gbedu what next? “After the reggae play the blues”.
Happy New Year Nigeria! Now that the yuletide is over, how prepared are we for the game ahead? It is not a time to throw lazy banters across the frame but an ample period to unite, build positive factions and cross the bridge ushering us to 2019 – a giant phase pregnant with a child of necessity – beyond many schemes crucifying trust and a tactical pursuits of ambitions fighting integrity and men of good will irrespective of interest and party switch.
The year 2018 is the eve of the much anticipated 2019 where politicians shall converge on the judgement ground to receive the general verdict of the masses structured by the court of public opinion and the role played by accountable leaders would serve as an advantage, and the insensitivity of the miscalculated and egocentric politicians may degenerate to be a clog in the will of their political progress. Whichever way, the year 2018 is a new phase to set goals and achieve more, in readiness for another political year – 2019.
As the journey towards 2019 gradually gains momentum, the ruled should be cautious of empty campaign promises knitted by opportunists and misguided politicians to attain their illogical pursuits and flag down the communal interest of the masses after their emergence. These breed of politicians are cultured to win the race spying from the pitiable impoverished standard of living of the electorate to render initial assistance during elections and trash the general interest of the people after elections. They return to scavenge for votes every four years and return to their politically rated indolence motivated trenches to sleep for the remainder of their tenure. This class of politicians must be purged out of the system to pave way for transparent leadership during the forthcoming election.
We have another class of celebrated political quacks who are surrounded with their cliques of sycophants chanting and making empty hullabaloo to becloud the belief system of the masses, meanwhile their principal is rated as a failure in all ramifications. This group of leaders are often senile but choose to remain in the corridors of power rendering unaccounted leadership beyond sincerity of purpose or partisan interest. They are praise sing to the shame ending up in the abyss of their political career thus they usually switch tents by decamping with a bid to win popular support. We must be sensitive of this tactical manoeuvre because it is dead on arrival. The masses must understand the fact that most politicians romancing with numerous political parties at ease are pursuing their selfish interest beyond the thoughts and inclination of their supporters. In other words, a failed politician, characterize by missing a chance to deliver will not perform any miracle in his new party of affiliation because his idiosyncrasies is still intact surpassing any political orientation and culture.
The last group of politicians are the technocrats with a rich and timely refined ideologies but crucified by their empty pockets. They are often humiliated by the misfortune of their financial lack during elections where they fail woefully at the detriment of their goodwill. This class of politicians do not win elections because they do not have the wherewithal to promote stomach infrastructure for the hunger dignified electorates seeking to quench their thirst and temporary satisfaction. We must encourage technocrats and political inclined leaders to attain their positive goals by emerging as leaders in the next elections. We should not be cajoled by the empty campaign promises of the corrupt politicians because their gaoal is usually short-lived and anti people.
Nigerians must unite to oust the unrepentant demonically possessed corruption defined political actors thereby recruiting a new genealogy of technocrats to occupy elective positions. We must not continue to repeat same mistake and expect different results. The time to act is now.
God bless Nigeria!

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