Prioritizing Youth Participation In 21st Century African Politics:Ajogwu-Jerry Ochada. - TREAT P WORLD


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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Prioritizing Youth Participation In 21st Century African Politics:Ajogwu-Jerry Ochada.

At the peak of agitation for independence in the defunct colonial territories in Africa, the youths spearheaded the crave and political yearnings in that era and the resultant effect was commendable because the struggle was beyond ethnicity or egocentric crave. This was the generation of those who can proudly boast of their tactical engagements and classical affiliations because they came, they saw and they contributed their quota. Positing in sincere lines, the various African nationalists that championed the course ending colonization in Africa paved way for independence thus building the contemporary narrow democratic framework that is no longer featuring the youths even though they belong to the first breeds of political actors. However, It is not the intent or making of the foremost front line nationalists but a cheaply motivated flaw instigated and championed by the glaring character imbalance of the contemporary African youths who will prefer to serve as sycophants in a failed government than to contest or credibly support their age grades to emerge as winners during elections. In essence, we are lacking the superior goodwill of active youths who can be attested to stand for the truth by pursuing a justifiably defined course to a victorious end without switching or pitching tents with renowned failures who may have romance, wine and dine with many political actors in the past, without any trace of laudable landmark earned or inspired. 
In Nigeria, the famous giant of Africa, the story is not different from the trend featured in the various African territories but this is a timely call for a revolution of the mindset which could be beneficial to the entire populace at the long run, if these idealisms can be upheld, preached and practiced. 
Democracy is not a leadership style stage managed by the microscopic elements because as a people, we are all part and parcel of the process creating the emergence of any democratically elected leader. Be that as it may, the lingering issues criticizing the fairness of electoral results bridges as a sharp contrast debunking claims of electoral fairness. In other words, the dubious scenario of electoral frauds recorded during elections in Africa dictates the story line arguing if elections in this continent can be rated as free and fair. In factual terms, the bulky task of nation building is confined to the discretion and leadership abilities of the youths because they form the majority class of citizens in any nation across the globe hence they are the major determinant of developmental strides. But in an attempt to case study countries in Africa, with particular reference to Nigeria, the youths are the clog in the wheel of economic growth and political development because they prefer to praise sing intellectually challenged failures for stipends than to feature and ensure the emergence of a member of their peer group during elections. If we are poised to record viable political progress in this century, we must get it right by engaging the introspective peculiarities of our mindset in order to evolve a paradigm shift that will be beneficial to all and sundry in no distant time. 
The teaming youths of the various African states should endeavor to unite and bake a firm ideology that is people oriented and generally accepted. This will promote the easy attainment of competitively motivated goals thereby promoting the emergence of young and vibrant future leaders in Africa. 
The youths should not be manipulated, intimidated or hired by the senile and recycled leaders to cause civil unrest and chaos during elections because they are yet to discover their potentials. On the other hand, youths should shun social vices and malpractices that is tantamount to escalate the already heated polity. 
The average African youth should be seen and regarded as ambassadors of good governance and the present sit-tight, old and tired African leaders should retire perhaps to serve as mentors to the younger generation. African youths who are opportune to feature in governance should not emulate the political lifestyle of non accountable leaders. They should strive to make a difference that will inspire others to contest.
Nigerian youths should wake up from their age long slumber and take their destined positions in governance. It is not constitutionally entrenched that leadership is confined to the old circle of past leaders therefore, the time to act is NOW! 

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