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Thursday, 22 February 2018


By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada*

Nigerians woke up on Tuesday morning to read, watch or hear the news concerning the demolition of APC parralel office in Kaduna state. It was not a shocker for many commentators in my like who have had a first hand experience with the warped undertakings of the learned mastermind of inexorable schemes. At first, I was miffed but I later subscribed to my unequivocal switch of understanding his penchant of yore.

Way back in 2006, I nicknamed the non elected Mayor (who is now a Governor) full of flaks as “the man behind the falling walls of Abuja” and many years later, the resultant effect of his subterfuge approach is pictured in the futility of his intents because till date many plots of land remain undeveloped even though they were reallocated to first class citizens in choice and in kind.

In his routine manner, Mr. Nasir El-Rufai, ignorantly pursuing his impolite advancement to develop the Capital City of Abuja, embarked on a massive demolition exercise of structures which he roared was not in line with the master plan.

During the exercise, many citizens were rendered homeless in their own country and till date many Nigerians who managed to survive that difficult phase of life are still battling to recover from the dastardly orchestrated trauma triggered by the Lion in the manor.

The character in question is not a neophyte in demolishing structures perhaps one can inadvertently remark that, demolishing buildings is one of his most cherished hobby but an attempt to X-ray his recent flair is not just a tale for the gullible minded to assimilate but a perception baked, judging from the inimical arrays of his antecedents which is laced with chronic aberrations and amoral conducts.

In saner climes, it is required that Nasir MUST obtain a writ to demolish the perceived illegal structure clamping on his political popularity and legitimacy. But in a setting garnished with traces of affiliation with the big powers, everything is practically obtainable hence trashing the legality of such action.

It is shamefully demeaning for an incumbent leader to grossly utilise non conferred state powers as a threat to a faction that declared their jolly past principal a persona non grata.
Politics is not defined by the number of problems created but it is characterised by the plethora of problems solved amicably by adopting an approach that can be weighed as lenient and not extreme in all ramifications of assessment.

All over the world (even during the military era) there is no documented history of leaders who are celebrated because of their highly vulnerable mannerism of intolerance. True leaders are tactical and wield the most sincere panache thus earning emulations from their esteemed followers, fans and opponents.

In fairness to Governor El-Rufai, it never dawned on me to note his recent derail but there was no rebuttal from his end, rather it was alleged that the Lion, personally supervised the early hours demolition of the APC factional building to ensure such elements and structures are crushed to dust in his manor.

Apologies to all his fans and annointed faithfuls, El-Rufai is rated in many quota as an outstandingly learned and intelligent public figure yet he is lacking the political wherewithal to govern his people without traces of rancour.
When he erred as a Minister of the FCT, his critics thought he was insensitive because it does not directly affect his kinsmen but now that he can best be adjudged as a father of an extended lineage, his acerbic retorts and misdeeds gained weak momentum.

In factual terms, Nasir El-Rufai succeeded to some greater extent as the Director General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE). To this end, judging from the literal meaning of a book he authored “The Accidental Public Servant” he should not be crucified for his lapses because he confessed prior to this time that he is not prepared to govern; it was an accidental discharge.

Nigerians must use him as a case study to understand the lucid facts that academic intelligence does not in any way make such figure a good leader; it is not in tandem. Be that as it, no sane race or class would clamour for the leadership of a dullard or a celebrated failure. African leaders should endeavor to streamline their idiosyncratic options in line with the yearnings and aspirations of the people else overtime, they become distastefully unpopular thereby losing political relevance.

The dividends of the 21st century democratic tango can be effectively harmonised by appraising the positive interplay of state actors who are practically in touch with the demands of the people concerning their leadership styles and limits. Political duration in office is measured by tenures and every leader must give account for their actions and inactions while in office or after their tenures.

Kudos to the red chamber for their timely verdict and concerns perhaps because the owner of the affected building is a sitting senator. It will be recalled, that the Senate swiftly criticised the demolition of the building.

In an X-ray of El-Rufai political behavior and lifestyle, it is inherently true that he does not succumb to act in line with public aspirations because he is self willed and intellectually blunt but let it be on record that once upon a time, the administrative lapses of a celebrated intellect was criticised on the altars of fairness and justice without any quest for personal gain.

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