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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Ife Industrialization Begins With Opening Of Ooni Of Ife's Ife Grand Resorts & Leisure

As part of his contribution to set in motion the massive industrialization of the ancient city of Ile-Ife, the Ooni of Ife's ''Ife grand Resorts and Leisure'' built on 252 hectares of land with a 300 room capacity and breath taking scenery is almost ready and will be officially launched in March 2018. In the coming weeks, the old town of Ile-Ife will witness the inauguration of a new world-class resort built by His Imperial Majesty, Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, Ojaja II. Although work is still in progress and completion is planned, completion of the first phase of the project is 90% complete. The new resort is located on a beautiful spot, just as you drive in into the city of  Ile-Ife. It is a place where modernity meets an African rural environment. Driving down Ibadan from this still busy Ibadan-Ife road to Ife, this sprawling resort meets you in all its glory. On the right side of the highway, you can see the white structures, all bungalows, built in cottage format. As the road is on a higher level, you can see the resort from a bird’s eye view. The station is scheduled to open in March 2018. Ife Grand Resorts & Leisure is a replica of the Inagbe Grand Resorts of Ooni, located on an island off the waters of Lagos.

What is the concept behind Ife Grand Resort & Leisure, City People asked the director, Mr. Sogo “The Ooni, when he invented the idea, wanted to have a place where modernity and tradition really meet – that’s what you see here We have nature in its best shape here. Kabiyeesi insisted when the construction started here that none of the trees should be touched or cut.He wants the presence of nature here.Therefore we have these two tall palm trees at the entrance of the foyer left alone when we met them, they are there to beautify the structure, we had to welcome them. ”

Who are the potential customers of Ife Grand Resorts? Management hopes to welcome tourists and those visiting the Ile-Ife. “If you want to be close to nature, this is the place to be,” said Princess Fadekemi Adenipekun. “We hope that Ife will be the mecca of tourists for the next 5 years and that the resort will be a kind of pilgrimage site, many festivals are here in Ife to celebrate the people of Isese, Odun Ifa, Moremi Inns – it’s ours own Dubai – we expect professional organizations and business organizations to come here and hold their general meetings. You do not have to go to Dubai. Our African village will welcome you. Young people can come here for weddings, and those interested can organize weddings in the African village. Here we mix African perspectives with Western perspectives. People can go on holiday here, for the family. You can take a whole week off or just a weekend from Friday to Sunday. Wedding anniversaries can be celebrated here or the renewal of the vows. ” “Kabiyeesi also wants the locals to use the facilities here, so we have the 14 rooms that are affordable.There is no discrimination Kabiyeesi Osun state feels like a civil servant state, which officials can also take to pamper yourself can enter to use one of the 14 room service. There are affordable rooms, Kabiyeesi has the interest of its people to bring ife luxury for its people.”

Sogo adds that here in Ife we do not have a very well functioning recreation center. Golf course and Ikogosi, but you can not compare what they have here with what we have here. That will help to save this problem. This place is also good for the university community,” says Princess. “You can hold alumni meetings here, students and primary school students can go on tour, and soon there will be a guide to take our guests from here to the city’s main attractions, and we will ask all Nigerians to support us The government should also sponsor us for their meetings, retreats and congresses. When the sports complex is ready, the football teams can come here to train and stay in. We have our football field on the side The teams representing Nigeria at the Olympics can come here It’s like a home away from home At home. When we are fully operational our rates will be affordable and Kabiyeesi wants to make this resort truly affordable so that many families can afford it’.

There's nothing like this in the whole of West Africa, not even Lagos. It is the most lit up place in the whole of sub Sahara Africa (Every square meter of the resort has light reflection at night) like a typical Las Vegas. It's a preferred and perfect destination for wedding and events, seminars and conferences.  It has a mini stadium with all the sporting facilities. There is also Children theme park, Jungle Experience park (Igbo Olodumare), the largest floating platform, Natural habitat zone for Animals, Jungle rope climbing, 18 hole gulf course, African village and tree houses. The sprawling edifice is built with local content and building materials from Nigeria with a 5,000 seater conference hall. It is indeed a place to be.

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