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Thursday, 1 February 2018


*By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada*
Political affiliation in Nigeria is often predicated on the egoist defined subjection of individuality and personal interest. To this end, politicians and the electorate are quick to embrace cross carpeting whenever they assume or believe the bulwark protecting their interest is weak or defeated. This style of political romance is not featured in the politics of the developed world but in this clime it is a celebrated option. 
Barely a week after Obasanjo’s missive to President Buhari, the duo met during an African Union meeting and pictures of the two friends rocked the media space cracking jokes and laughing to the amazement of many persons shamed by self predictions. Meanwhile, many political pundits argued it was a mere display of maturity, maintaining they cannot be cajoled to believe all is well between the two leaders.
Significantly, Baba Iyabo and Mr President have two things in common: they once wore the same khaki and pulled the trigger on the same sides ensuring that Nigeria remain as one united country during the serial Biafranagitations (1967-1970) and in the aftermath they later rose to the apogee of their military careers thus ruling Nigeria at intervals. With the return of democracy in 1999, both former military leaders are back to the democratic front lines, maintaining their intimate rapport and dictates now in the agbada vindicated style of flexible leadership. 
The proposed political movement hinted in Obasanjo’s essay to PMB which was conceived by the former was birthed yesterday, the 31st day of January 2018. Fortunately or unfortunately, the brainchild was not in attendance but it witnessed the attendance of many bigwigs in Nigeria politics making it glaring that the journey towards 2019 is a game of ‘survival of the cheapest’. However, the seemingly cheap politicians are set to harvest from their farms of new identity perhaps in the 2019 farming season because they planted their crops (interest) on a tactical, trusted and timely fertile land. 
To posit according to the dealings of Nigeria politicians, this is an ample opportunity to munch a free lunch because the food may get sour before dinner. According to the revelation shared during the inaugural meeting of Coalition Nigeria aka third force, the movement will definitely metamorphose into a political party in no distant time with a bid to save Nigeria and Nigerians from the lingering leadership lapses that compelled Chief Olu to rate his fellow General as a failure. 
From the handwriting on the wall, many Nigerians are ready to buy the new fertile ground to plough and cultivate their political crops but for how long are we going to survive the formation of alliance and counter group as a nation?
When the PDP was predominantly  in charge of affairs, they were reprimanded and ousted as failures and the APC came on stage singing sugar coated lines yet they are on the verge of dying a natural death as a result of the cabal ignited short life span which was prematurely facilitated by the breeds of politicians demolishing the success highlighted dreams of the party. 
Formation of interest motivated alliance and factions is one of the characteristics of a healthy political engagement but it can deviate to become a catastrophe when members of the association are corrupt and politically unhealthy. In other words, uniting to build a strong caucus is a temporary yielding switch especially when the supposed actors are politicians, better described as the bandwagon on a voyage of personal aggrandizement.
The agenda of the newly baked Coalition Nigeria must remain intact for it to succeed because the masses are no longer subjective and they are not willing to become victims of a popular scheme that will later crash on the altars of the over ambitious politicians. Utilising political trends as the basis of assessments, it is anticipated that numerous Nigerians are ever ready, to partner and buy this timely messianic idea but the aims that inspired this civil amalgamation should not be defeated.
Similarly, the life span of the newly innovated political circle largely depends on the sincerity of purpose of the early team players. This must be according to the christened definition of Chief Obasanjo – the political oracle – believed to be on a rescue mission. It is glaringly understood by political observers who can ably predict the eventuality of the total outcome, trashing the intensity of the newly resurrected union because the class of politicians identifying in a sheepish mannered speed are renowned for their cheap subscription tendencies. They lack the political calculations and patience to remain in a particular circle especially when they are not deriving the anticipated gains. This group of politicians are never to be trusted. Reasoning in line with the beliefs of a political soothsayer, this is my candid observation.
On the whole, the ideas of the third force seems to be all encompassing because it anchored on the sympathetic paths of the masses plights. However, Nigerians should ensure they use a long spoon when dinning with the devil. The peripheral scope is politically pleasant but who can unravel the inner motives baked by the architects chanting and charting a new political course for our beloved country? Affliction must not rise the second time.
God bless Nigeria!

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