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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


By Victorson Agbenson

I first met Prof  Ishaq Oloyede, the current JAMB registrar at the last heavily funded national confab organised by President Goodluck Jonathan, that he and others have refused to implement. That's a mater for another day.

Prof. Oloyede and I  first interacted the day Pastor Tunde Bakare stirred the hornet's nest when he rebuked those Muslims who first recite something like Bisimilai...( Abeg I no fit complete am, Adams Ozi Musa and Ibrahim Ozoko should know better) before speaking at the conference. His argument was that Nigeria was a circular state and that the confab should not carry any religious toga.

Being the immediate past Secretary of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic affairs then, many expected Prof. Oloyede to shoot back. But he refused -  even when we wanted him to react. That left a strong impression on me. In most cases it is religious politicians who are fast at coming out to 'defend' their religions - even if they may not be really spiritual. Have you noticed that the words of CAN and PFN no longer carry weight? But a few weeks ago, when Catholic bishops spoke it was weighty. Why ? The latter would not just jump into the fray and be issuing press statements everyday and even making unfounded claims.

Thus without much interactions with him at the national conference I knew there was something different about Prof Oloyede.

If a Muslim will better serve the interest of Nigeria and not his pocket , then let him lead me, rather than I be led by a tongue talking Christian thief.

When Prof Oloyede was appointed JAMB boss, many  complained about his religion and his region.

But the Prof immediately swung into work - he scrapped the scratchcards system, closed loopholes, and instituted new policies which ensured that cash was kept away from greedy fingers and kleptomaniacs.

Within a year, 2016 - 2017, JAMB remitted N7.8 Billion to the federation account, eclipsing the paltry total of N 51Million remitted between 2010 - 2015. So you can imagine how some Nigerians have been stealing Nigeria dry just as today, some Nigerians are killing Nigerians in Benue, Taraba, Zamfara and many other places and instead of calling them murderers we chose to ethnicise the crime. And whenever we start arguing over the tribe of a crime the criminal escapes amidst our quarrel.

So you can see the kind of 'oles' we have in this country. These JAMB officials are Deacons, Pastors, Imams in their various places of worship, they were tiffing, but they are still the ones that are quick to point accusing fingers at government.


Prof Oloyede launched an audit of JAMB offices to find out why so little had been remitted in the 'locust years'.

These are some of the excuses coming from audited JAMB offices where millions are missing.

1. Makurdi Office: N36m eaten by mysterious spiritual snake.

2. Nasarawa Office: N23m. Scratchcards lost in burnt car. However, evidence showed the scatchcards were sold and used by candidates.

3. Gombe Office: N10.3m. Official claims his signature was forged by his colleagues to steal the money. JAMB auditors say na him signature oooo.

4. Kogi Office: N7m. Daniel Agbor said he used it to alleviate the poverty of his collegues. What a wonderful boss ehn??

5. Osun Office: N1.34m. State Coordinator claimed the money just disappeared.

6. Kano Office: N20m. Yakubu Aliu claimed money just cannot be accounted for.

7. Edo Office: N31m. Priscilla Ogunsola said money just disappeared.

8. Plateau Office: N15m. Zadaka Yakubu said money mysteriously vanished.

9. Yobe Office: N613k. The State coordinator said - Boko Haram attacked us and all receipts and invoices were destroyed.

Have you noticed that almost all the geo political zones are part of this fraud?

As someone said , the most funny excuse 'is from the undisputed Robin Hood of Kogi State'.

the Kogi JAMB coordinator , Daniel Agbor, said he spent the N7 million his office could not account for, assisting other workers in his office, who were 'ravaged by poverty'.  According to him,
"You need the grace of God in the state offices not to steal money because money is tempting. We borrowed the money and I am not the only one. I will provide the list of everyone involved in the fraud. Please don't take me to the police."

The EFCC is now looking into the cases.

These are all respected big men in their various mosques and Churches, yet they are thieves.

When we are queuing and struggling to buy petrol, these thieves have secretly built petrol stations from their loot, while we struggle to pay children's schools fees, they fly their kids abroad to school.

When others are blaming government for failing, they too join. May evil visit them in their prime.

What more can i say? I celebrate Prof Ishaq Oloyede for uncommon leadership. That is how to be a Buhari supporter and not continuing the rot of the former order and be shouting change! Change! while lining your pocket with public funds.

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