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Monday, 26 February 2018

Omofaiye Standing Before Kings For A Job Well Done

Proverbs 22 Vs 29 - Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings...

It's believed that being a leader, every of our actions and in inactions shall one day be accounted for, both before men and the almighty God himself.

Hon. Victor Adewale Omofaiye has so far demonstrated to kings and to the good people of Okunland that, no matter how hard it is, we still have men that can still be trusted because truly, the day of accountability shall come.

As it's today in our political hemisphere, we have men who believes that in politics, it is much safer to be feared than to be loved (Machiavelli's philosophy of politics and life in general), this, VAO has rubbished through his good works that has attracted massive love from his own people.

Omofaiye sees life and politics as a call for servce. therefore, has no choice than to continue rendering his service to humanity and to God's satisfaction;

It's clear enough that God is with Honourable Omofaiye.

Kings in and out of Okunland are happy to be in the same tie with him.

Humans are with him and very much proud of him and sees the honourable good works as their bragging right.

The Okuns are eager to see him go higher simply because of his antecedent, therefore dropped the slogan *FIILE FUN; FIILE FUN 2019.*

Hon. Omofaiye is today standing and standing strong with kings because of his;

1. Diligent in the service of humanity

2. Mutual relationship with the indigents in our society

3. General knowledge about people's problems.

4. And in all, his ability to attend to these problems accordingly.

Hon. Victor Adewale Omofaiye is today standing before kings because he has refused to allow the indigents go down and his beautiful and incomparable service to human kinds.

No more waiting, VAO is here!!! Fiile Fun.

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