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Wednesday, 7 March 2018


A bad attitude is like flat tire, you have now where going unless you change it. I have the opportunity to witness a scene at Akure, Ondo State. Where be a professor who is also a Dean of school at Federal university of Technology, Akure, Ondo State. Have some missed up with land owner, but actually it was all the fault of the surveyor of the land. They have decide to settle the conflict because the owner of the land claim that all the economy tree on the land has been cleared without his knowledge.
On getting to the settlement gathering, the professor look around but can't found the surveyor who sold the land to him, but he proceed and give everyone their due respect, and he further to introduce himself. The owner were very sad and ready forfeit the land from the professor, but the professor never argue with them, he accept that all the fault came from him. After the deliberation and they wait for the for the surveyor but he never show up, a man stood up from the gathering and said he has really learn a lot today from the professor, he said the professor never proud with his position and yet he give everyone due respect, the man also show his aggrieved annoyance at first but with the good character the professor has shown weaken him.
No one ever know know that the same man talking is a senior police officer who knows the rules and regulations to be taken but without prolonging matters the professor gain back his property back, though with little compensation. Where am an driving to is that assuming the professor look down on them, he's actually going to lose the property without no compensation. If that could be the case then it shows that no one get rich with a poor attitude.
The people you meet in life are very important, so treat them with due respect. Stay away from religious differences because not all those you worship together will be ready to help you when you have problem, likewise not all those you think is your family members will be willing to help you on your downfall. Only what stay with you and fight for you is your attitude.
Avoid hate speech and make sure majority people have good to say about you, I said majority because not everyone will talk about your good deeds to them, just accept the fact. In what ever position you found yourself, make good speech to people, leave a impact in all people you have opportunity to meet in your life, give hope to those that seems to have nothing more in life, remember that those people you look down on when you are in that high position are still Jeanne people you meet on your way down.
If you're a leader in any capacity, in any region, being spiritual, political, or whatever, I want you to see it as a privilege to lead, a privilege giving to you by God himself. You will make account for everything you did, change you motive today and make impact in people's life, your attitude in life take you a long way, care for it and be like the snake that pass through the rock with lines.
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