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Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Dovetail Movement Of Omofaiye: A Performer That Is Moving Higher By The Day

The Dovetail Movement Of Omofaiye: A Performer That Is Moving Higher By The Day
Saturday, March 17.
The strategic move of Honourable Omofaiye is a dovetail movement that connects each of the vital stage of his political life stronger than expected. The political journey of Omofaiye has been a stable and steady journey so far with enemies at every junction(it's expected), but victory as usual is sure for the Okun people.
At the final point of victory, the unexpected would always happen; you see friends turning to be enemies, those who said you are the best yesterday will unexpectedly be provoked by your success and achievements and possibly, those who you think will never be of value to you turns to be the saviour at the final lap of victory - this is life, its happens.
We know how lovely dogs can be. in fact, dogs are known to be lovely friends. To justify our deed as humans, we give them bad names when life is about to be taking away from them, but from within, we know it's not true. This is for some who are friends yesterday and have become enemies today and the truth is, the many good friends are filling the gap real good, thanks to the good people of Okunland.
Honestly, honourable Omofaiye has been a useful tool in the hands of his people. He is a good performer that would not just turned to be an error overnight, never! Just on the 13-03-2018, *HON. Omofaiye MOVED A MOTION CALLING ON THE KOGI STATE GOVERNMENT TO PARTNER WITH NIKE ART GALLERY OGIDI, IJUMU LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA IN THE AREA OF SKILL ACQUISITION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT.* Truly, it requires no energy to talk about his performance, they are obvious.
In a nutshell, Hon. Omofaiye is a troubleshooter ( he locates troubles and whatsoever may cause problem(s) and look for a permanent solution) in our modern politics. This attribute has distinguished him and since it's not possible to have a trouble free society, therefore, people like him shall continue to be an indispensable political actors in our political world and in him, we have found a leader that would always do better.
God bless the kogites
God bless the Okuns
God bless Hon. VAO.
       ~ Ajibola Olaniyi Bernard

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