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Saturday, 7 April 2018

The Passionate Deacon Oluwaseyi Otitoju On OkunTV

No doubt, Deacon Oluwaseyi Otitoju is a lovely, passionate and a leader that has in all-round distinguished himself and has been able to create a name for himself in Kogi state and beyond.

His passion and antecedent towards development has directly and indirectly contributes  to the development of Okunland, which in other words has encouraged us in OkunTV.

What can truly be done and done well without being passionate about it? absolutely nothing and to make things easier for us in this part of the world, we must learn more of encouraging ourselves and that, deacon Oluwaseyi Otitoju has done generally and has done that to encourage us as well at OkunTV.

Calling on all the true okun sons and daughters, home and abroad to do all they can to support  OkunTV, for this we believe is a joint assignment and we must achieve this together for history to remember us for good together. Remember; together, there is little we can't do and individually, there is very little we can do.

One of our intentions here at OkunTV is to make the bond that connects us together as the Okuns stronger; people like deacon Oluwaseyi Otitoju has served as pegs that's holding and raising our hope high.

God bless OkunTV to do more.

Support OkunTV, be one of the pegs holding the unifying spirit in Okunland.

Tune in to Okun TV as Dnc Oluseyi Otitoju
As He pour out is mind on why Okunland must Grow and why the ODA Exco will go all out to see the dreams of Okunland come through.

*Signed:* OkunTV Management Team

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