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Monday, 23 July 2018



Agribusiness can be seen as a science and practice of activities with backward and forward linkage related to production, processing, marketing and trade, distribution of raw and processed food, feed, fibre including the supply of inputs and service for these activities.
Agribusiness treats the different aspect of raising agricultural products as an integrated system. Farmers raise animals and harvest fruits and vegetables with the help of sophisticated harvesting techniques, including the use of GPS to direct harvesting operations. Manufacturer develop increasing plants determine the best way to clean and package livestock for shipping. Hike each subset of the industry is unlikely to interact directly with the consumer, each is focused on operating efficiently in order to keep prices reasonable.
According to the 2017 world food prize laureate, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, the "future of African youth lies in agriculture." this future can be realize through making agriculture both profitable and cool for young people. Adesina also argues for the need to move the perception of agriculture from a way of like for millions of rural people to a business.
This thoughts are echoed in the ongoing online discussion, engaging African youth in agribusiness in a changing climate, a platform which creates a speed to discuss critical issues facing African youths. Most of the discussants agree with the sentiment that agriculture is one of the critical pathways out of poverty and unemployment for young people.
Accelerating the involvement of African youth in agriculture and agribusiness will also help meet development goals, like those put forth by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including ending extreme poverty, zero hunger and gender equality. However, the rate of progress in many areas, especially developing countries where the CGIAR research program on climate change, Agriculture and food security (CCAFS) and its partners work, is far slower than needed to engage youth in agribusiness under a changing climate.
Youth involvement in agribusiness in a time like this Nigeria is key socio-econnomic development of the nation. It will leads to job creation and youth being independent. To embark on agriculture related activities where youth can get involved despite the fact that they may not have any background in agriculture. In doing this, there will be development of all communities,  the society at large and the national economy. As a result, income will be enhanced, it will as well bring about good security, employment and quality life will be sustained.
Both government, corporate organization and nongovernmental organization need to be involved to train the need workforce, which mainly are youth, both in formal and informal education sector. Cooperative collages in Nigeria need to be refashioned in line with government vision to address youth unemployment, food security economic diversification in Nigeria.
This is a very important way in crushing unemployment in our society as we all know that unemployment is one of the challenges Nigeria is facing now, and the universities keep producing graduate each year and no work to offer them. Even those that are working are not paid but by involving in agribusiness you can be able to stand on your own and even employ workers.
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