Hon Rabiu Ishiaka Alfa: The Man Who Have Delivered The Good People Of Ankpa2 Constituency From The Doom Of Past Administration. By Victor OJONUGWA SANI - TREAT P WORLD


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Friday, 27 July 2018

Hon Rabiu Ishiaka Alfa: The Man Who Have Delivered The Good People Of Ankpa2 Constituency From The Doom Of Past Administration. By Victor OJONUGWA SANI

Truly thought they said are things and powerful things at that when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose and the burning desire for their translation into material objects and developments.
Some years ago, Hon Rabiu Ishiaka Alfa a naturally born philanthropist, a formidable optimist cum indispensable worker of the society, discovered how true is it that men really do think and the products of their thought is seemingly made manifest when they are tested with public offices.
His thoughts did not came about at one sitting. It came little by little, beginning with a burning desire to represent the good people of Ankpa2 constituency.
Just as the philosophical aphorism goes: "while a ruler say go, a leader will humbly say let's go. Hon Rabiu's chief characteristics was "definite desire. "
He wanted to work with his people and subjectively for his people, not for himself.
Observe carefully the description of how he went about translating his "definite desire" into reality in the lines bellow and you will have no remonstrance, but with better understanding that Hon Rabiu's triumphant move, to represent the people of Ankpa2 constituency was ordained by God.
"It was about a decade ago when an idea came to me on the need to salvage our people from abject poverty, political neglect, underdevelopment cum socioeconomic retardation and so, I resolved to contest for the position of the state House of Assembly with a view to be an active part of the state's decision making as it may affect the welfare of our people vis-à-vis law making and so contested and lost in 2007. But because I kept focus and determined to achieve the goals that motivated me into politics, I never relented my efforts but recontested in 2011 election. Unfortunately, I also lost it respectively. But because I knew what I was after, I never relaxed until victory dawned on me in 2015."
The difficulties that emanated from the above datum would be sufficient to have discouraged the majority of the ordinary leaders from making any other attempts after their first try that may have led them to lose. But he (Hon Rabiu), was no ordinary desire. Exactly what makes him unique among his colleagues in the kogi State House of Assembly.
Interestingly, In the terms of legislative prudence, Hon. Rabiu's dexterity, leadership acumen and administrative excellence is what translated to his seemingly unrivaled feet as a doyen of legislation via vibrancy to house deliberations, quality motions, upsetting of medical bills and most importantly his sense of straight forwardness.
It is however pertinent for everyone of us to have it in mind, that Hon Rabiu remains a political mogul. Despite the difficulties and principalities he has faced for the prime purpose of salvaging his people from the doom of past administration, he never gave up. Rather, remain known for his shows of integrity.
Fortunately, within three years in office, Hon RABIU was able to provide for his people the following infrastructures that no politician from Ankpa2 both past and present provided. They include :
*Construction of bore hole at Enjema
*Building of open market shops at Ofugo
*Renovation of class room blocks at Inye
*Renovation of primary school at LGEA Ajitata
*Building of open market shop at central market Ojoku Agbodo
*Fencing of Government secondary school Okaba
*Open market shop at inyologu
*Open market shop at Ukwo Doko and many more.
Furthermore, just as it will be needless saying Hon Rabiu Ishiaka Alfa is the best member of the Kogi State house of Assembly that Ankpa2 constituency ever produced, the followings will distinguished him and prove him immaculate.
*Hon Rabiu Ishiaka Alfa is the only member among his colleagues in the Kogi State House of Assembly who was able to present his annual allocations in cash to the various ward leaders that made up Ankpa2 constituency to decide what it will be used for.
*The first from Ankpa2 constituency to be nationally recognized.(Being a member of the committee setup to conduct the Party Congress in Lagos State)
*The only House of Assembly member from Ankpa2 who at all costs, visit the various wards that Ankpa2 constituency is made up of, every weekend (Friday to Sunday), no matter the tight schedule.
Conclusively, perfectly as the Igala dictum aptly suggests "when a snake is killed, they should be no relenting of efforts till the head is completely cut off", we therefore, in one voice, call on the entire people of Ankpa2 constituency to complete what they started by voting for Hon Rabiu Ishiaka Alfa come 2019 for a second term.
It is therefore, pertinent to take cognisant of the fact that, as it approach speedily, (2019 general election), we should not let ourselves off the track by the histrionic and spurious, yet convoluted balderdash which may in any form or by any means, either in baits or manifestos, arouse from the mouth of those whose only Interest is personal and full of Narcissism, but stand firm to support the Workaholic, tested and trusted son of the soil_Hon Rabiu Ishiaka Alfa.
Blessings of God to Hon Rabiu Ishiaka Alfa
Blessings of God to Ankpa2 constituency
Blessings of God to Kogi State.
Victor Ojonugwa Sani

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