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Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Giving a definite description of the accomplishments of a distinguished Professional like Chief Omolade Ibikunle is akin to describing only one colour of rainbow.
This is because, Omolade, a retired career Civil Servant clearly sets standards for those aspiring to be in the same profession like him.

He always exudes self confidence that is only visible in good thinkers and men of great ideas. Though, success to many people can mean different things at different periods, few mortals register credible achievements worthy of mention. Omolade "belongs to that rare
tribe of humble achievers who treasure hard work, dedication and high sense of
discipline as the necessary, cardinal virtues in life. Driven by the need to always observe high ethical standards and integrity, Omolade was a career civil servant whose hunger for knowledge is limitless.

"Life is said to be a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel",

Whether a people or nation chooses to think or feel, is just a matter of choice. In a Nation as ours where many are feeling so disturbed, uncomfortable and unsafe, we need great thinkers and resources managers and one of such people is Chief Omolade Ibikunle. Proven, tested" and seasoned, Omolade was born some five (5) decades and above ago to the famous family of High Chief T.A. Obarise Ibikunle of lIupa quarters of Iyara; Ijumu local government area of Kogi State.

He started his journey to academic prominence at St. Paul's Primary School, Iyara-Ijumu and later completed 'Same at St Paul's Primary School, Olle-Bunu where his loving mother, Madam Rachael Kajotoni Tinuola Ibikunle hails from, with a First School Leaving Certificate. With an enviable family background, he had the rare privilege of attending the "Premier" St. Barnabas' Secondary School, Kabba where he wrote and passed in flying color his final Secondary School Examination in 1975.

In a bid to assuage his thirst for higher academic qualification, he gained admission to study Education Management/Economics at the prestigious University of Ilorin, Kwara State, there: he distinguished himself as a full bright scholar with a Bachelor of
Education Degree in 1985. His nurtured dream of becoming a Master's Degree
Holder materialized in 1995, when he was awarded a Master's Degree in Business'
Administration (MBA Finance) from the same University.

Omolade's academic resilience brought him a reward for excellence again in 2005, when he had his Professional Accounting Course at the College of Accounting, University of Jos to become a Chartered Member of the Association of National
Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN).

Chief Omolade Ibikunle has a career record or history that is complete with
enthusiasm, hard work and focus. These rare qualities served as pedestrian bridge through which he rose from nowhere to the top echelon of administration.
Characteristically, he began his Civil Service Career experience with the Ministry of Education and later transferred his service to the unified service of Kogi State Local Government Service Commission as Chief Accountant through inter-service transfer
in 2001.

He retired as a Director of Finance serving as Local Government Treasurer
(LGT) in Okehi Local Government Area, Kogi State, after serving in Ijumu L.G.A.,
Yagba West L.G.A. and Igalamela/Odolu L.G.A in the same capacity. His gentle but cheerful and highly accommodating disposition, "outstanding humane qualities that strongly endeared him to people explain the several leadership and responsibility positions he held during his school days.
He is currently the President, Ijumu Progressive Organisation, Yagba West Local Government Area Chapter, a socio-cultural association that brings together Ijumu sons and daughters that sojourn in the geographical area (Yagba West Local Government) Chief Omolade Ibikunle, a prolific player of the round leather during his school days,he is a recipient of the following leadership and merit awards of Excellence:
*MBA Student's Leadership Award - University of llorin
*Kogi State Auditor-General Best Treasurer Award.
*Iyara Development Movement (10M) Honours Award.
*Iyara Student Union Merit Award
*Ijumu Student Union Merit Award of Excellence
*Bunu Student Union Merit Award
*Orientation Alliance Best Treasurer Award
*Ayere-ljumu Developrnent Movement Honours Award.

The brilliant scholar has no doubt contributed in no small measure to the
development of his State and 'Federal Constituency.

To acknowledge his significant
contributions to community development across Kabba/Bunu/ljumu Federal
Constituency, Chief Omolade has been honoured with the following Chieftaincy

*Fiwagboye of Ekinrin-Adde land.
*Amuludun of Iyamoye land.
*Maiyegun of Iyara land.
*Olumoye of Iyara land.
*Tadese of Ogidi land.

He is happily married to Princess Chief (Mrs.) lbikunle A. Abiola (fondly called ABBA
BRIDAL), a paragon of beauty, a successful business tycoon, one of the great daughters of H,BH Oba Olorunmajve Olajubu, the late Elekula of Ekinrin:Adde; a renowned and successful transporter during his life time. Chief Omolade is blessed
with wonderful children.

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