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Friday, 27 July 2018

The "Stop. Start." in sex. By Shadrachse Bako

It is normal for a man to release within 5 minutes of inserting his penis into the vagina in the first round. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Most men would release within that time frame. Only few men manage to last up to 7 or 8 minutes in the first round.  And there's a considerably fewer group of men who can last 30 minutes or more in the first round alone, by applying a technique known as "Stop. Start."

This technique entails the man withdrawing his penis whenever he feels like cuming. And continuing after the urge to cum has gone. Repeat this circle until your partner is satisfied or you're both ready to climax. This technique however needs two mature partners to practice. Breaking the intensity of thrusting or bringing it to a halt can be frustrating for the woman. This is where maturity comes into the fray. If both of you are mature, you'd be ready to sacrifice to pleasure each other.

Advantages of "Stop. Start."

1. If the reason you wear condom is to prevent pregnancy, this technique reduces the chances of pregnancy by 85%. What I am saying is that, it is highly unlikely that you'd be able to get pregnant if you're good at this technique and follow it religiously.

2. There are partners who hate condoms. They prefer skin-to-skin. Again, if you're faithful to each other and only use protection to prevent pregnancy, 'stop start' might be your sure bet.

This technique is difficult to practice o.

Most men would not be able to hold back from releasing because the period leading up to ejaculation is the best part of sex for men. But you can help your man practice this technique, by having sex in positions that allows you to withdraw when you notice his heart beating faster or when he begins to make those funny sounds...that you know will result in him releasing.

Outside of the above, 90% of men who can go 30 minutes or more in the first round, are either cheats, do drugs, or they have sex almost every single day with their partner. When you engage in sex almost everyday, your body system gets used to it for most men. In fact, it gets to the point where, even if a woman is stark naked before us, our anaconda will not rise.

When you stop thrusting, I said, it can be frustrating for the woman.

The question now is, how can the man cover for the time he'll spend until he can go again?

The answer is simple. Kiss, romance. Stimulate each other's sexual organs. Suck and fumble 'booby.' It is not there for decoration. Manhandle his joystick, in a sensual manner. Your hands are not there for fashion. Before you know it, he'd be ready to go again.

Watery sperm is not always a medical condition. It could be a sign that your man is cheating on you. If you've not had sex with your man for up to 3 weeks, his sperm should be as thick as pap, unless of course he's pouring it elsewhere.

Shadrach Bako.

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