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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

KSU School Fees Crisis; Students Nonchalant, Taking Solace on Governments Approach to Civil Service Screening and Salary.

The *Table Shakers Association of Nigeria* *(TSAN) , Kogi State Chapter* condemns nonchalant attitudes of students towards the payment of their tuition fees as well as the awful contribution of the government manifested through the non-payment of salaries.
Finance is undoubtedly fundamental to every tertiary institution as it is used in the day-to-day running of the activities, Kogi State University (KSU) is not an exemption.
Prior to the emergence of the New Direction Government, this pathetic issue of non-payment of tuition fees before the commencement of first semester exams was unprecedented as students were constantly on the headlong rush to meet up with the payment of tuition fees before the slated period in order to blanch or evade the then late registration fee (#5000).
Kogi State University, Anyigba, under the directive of her incumbent Vice Chancellor saw to the end of the additional #5000 meant for late registrations in consideration of the plight of the students. This, rather than being of benefit to the students who are not financially well-to-do ended up becoming a threshold to the attendant problems faced by the University today, as students (both the haves and the have-not) now became reluctant over early payment of Tuition fees. In other words, students has also abused the magnanimity of lifting the tradition of the penalty placed of late school fess payment.
It's imperative to take into consideration, the claims of these school fee defaulters who have ceaselessly blamed their predicaments upon the Kogi State Government act of inconsistencies in the payment of salary.
Indeed, the approach of Kogi State Government to the Civil Service screening and Salaries is contributing factor that has hampered swift operations in all spheres. This ugly trend in juxtaposition with the related retrenchment antecedents have rendered some of these students financially unstable as it affects them directly or indirectly.
Contrary to the above fact, research has proven beyond doubts that over 70% of the students of Kogi State University are residenced outside Kogi State, thereby taking solace in the Civil Service Screening and Non Payment of Salaries, as a vindication for defaulting in school fee payment unsubstantiated.
In order to avoid a future   recurrence of 'No school fee payment, no sitting for Exams',  TSAN urge the New Direction Government to address the salary issues, and also advise the students to make school fee payment a matter of utmost priority in order to create an enabling environment for learning, since education is the bedrock of all nations.

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